New Training DVD Teaches Medical Personnel to Help with NDEs

One of our favorite websites for spiritual stories and transformative experiences is the Near-Death Experience site, It is filled with patient and doctor testimonials of vivid near death events all related for the cameras in one archive. Now one of the leading MDs for the site, Dr. Laurin Bellg, has created a wonderful new video designed to train medical personnel in how to help patients who have had such an experience.

From the website: “Is it possible that a new way of thinking about phenomena of consciousness, long reported but often discarded as hallucination by the medical professional community, could help heal and transform patients when their “strange experiences” are held with respect instead of being told they didn’t happen?” Through several anecdotal accounts of real patient experiences (including Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven) recounted to her over the past two decades, as well as her own personal observations of how Hemi-Sync enhanced the traditional medical skills available to her, Laurin Bellg, MD, Critical Care Specialist, explores a potential new landscape of patient care that she believes could transform how we interact with patients who’ve had not only near-death but also out-of-body experiences around trauma and severe illness. At the end of her presentation Dr. Bellg includes the trailer of an educational DVD prepared for health care providers by Blue Marble Films in collaboration with the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). This film is intended to educate health professionals about how to talk with patients about their near-death experiences — even if they don’t believe in them themselves!

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