Secrets of The Magical Life

Secrets of The Magical Life by Triza Schultz Living the magical life is a positive practice and mastery of manifesting through the infinite nature of the Divine universe using the gifts we’re endowed with. The magical approach to life is anything but humdrum. I like to think of it as “directed spontaneous synchronicity.”

We who consciously live the magical life engage the spiritual support and guidance of angels, spirit guides, teachers, and helpers to work with us in every aspect of our life events. It’s not like they’re not with us all the time anyway, it’s just that we know they are and our channel to receive their guidance through our inner resources of varied intuition are purposely set on high volume.

Being receptive is all about listening and observing with the expectation and explicit trust that we will receive. Tuning our intuition into reception quality involves asking questions, meditative and reflective periods in order to receive, patience — waiting for the answers, dream journaling, and absolutely trusting that what comes through us is pure, having set aside our fear based ego mind’s tendency to over-analyze and dilute everything.

My experience has been that it doesn’t matter how quickly it takes to create something, like a business, any work of art, a garden, rebuild a car, or perfect a mouthwatering savory pie. That’s not the point. Each positive step we take that falls into synch with our vision is most easily supported by unseen forces to help us take the next positive step of action, and soon enough we will have spontaneously brought a part of our dream into physical reality. Directed spontaneous synchronicity!

Directed spontaneous synchronicity is about being present for the love of each moment within the experience of the creative journey without concern only for destination outcome. If the destination is the only concern, count on falling short somewhere along the line.

The result of our conscious efforts to orchestrate birthing something into the world involves the process of first beginning with our vision or dream. Then we focus our intentions and thoughts on it along with our deepest desires and emotions. The final ingredient is to propel all that fiery internal or spiritual energy into action on the physical plane. There are no short cuts.

The process of creating ranges from the simple to the epoch. Something may take a few hours, days or weeks. Something big can take months or even years. It doesn’t matter. When we’re really in the creative groove, it’s all about the journey — the delight, the twists and turns and the ultimate triumph of the process of creation. It’s about truly being alive!

Being born to create is our divine birthright and that’s where free will comes to play. If we didn’t have free will, we wouldn’t be able to create.

Essential Tools — A Study of The Magician

(Reference Book: Excerpts from Seventy Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack)

The symbols represented in The Magician Tarot card contain the secrets of the 4 emblems or elements required to consciously engage and master the art of our creative individuality. It also represents the willpower and strength that is directed toward a goal.

See the Magician raising his wand to bring into reality the spirit force — the vital energy of life which is the first step of creation. This is symbolic of the vision/dream that takes place inside of us within the nature of the divine universe. He symbolizes the inspiration or idea of manifestation which is making something real out of life’s possibilities. The 4 emblems on a table in front of him are the tools he consciously uses in the physical world as he creates.

The 4 emblems are:

Pentacle — The pentacle represents the physical or earth element, the five senses that help us perceive the physical world of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste, the physical world and all we do in the physical world such as work, school, money, family, etc., the appreciation of the beauty of nature and joy of satisfying work, health, wealth, abundance.

Sword — Swords belong to the element of air or wind. Swords represent the mind. Just as air/wind is in continuous motion, the mind is always in motion and experiences calm, unrest, confusion/conflict, clarity and focus, and the problems of sorrow, anger, pain. It can be gentle as a breeze or turbulent as a strong gale. Our mental struggles therefore, are the realm of the sword. Swords define emotional energy and give it direction.

Wand — Wand or rod is the element of fire. Fire is the life essence and energy of existence. Heard of the saying, “on fire with an idea,” “divine spark,”or “burning with the desire to?” That is the essence of fire. It represents optimism, hope, movement, and confidence. Because this first comes from within, it is spiritually derived. Wands also stands for competition and commerce — the great energy of ideas, struggles, and active steps it takes from the spiritual realm of ideas toward bringing that into physical existence in some fashion. Remember movement. It shows up in romance and the emotion of love in winning a lover or a proposal. Fire symbolizes what we do. Wands energize and transmute.

Cup – Cups symbolize the element of water. Water is more a formless fluid. Water symbolizes what we essentially are. It can remind us of the greater truth of our inner harmony — the opposite of separation. Cups represent love, joy, peace, imagination, harmony, wonder. They show us that love is the way to spirit in giving and receiving. All forms of love through companionship and friendship are in the realm of Cups.

Positive Side of The Magician

One hand receives the power from heaven and one directs it to the earth for manifestation.

This is not about manipulating the spirit or for personal gain. We instead seek to become a positive channel for not only ourselves in using this creative energy of our gifts and abilities, but to be of service in our community — for humanity and the earth.

The Magician is surrounded by flowers. A reminder that the emotional and creative power we feel in love and purpose in our lives also needs to be grounded in physical reality for us to get any value from it. Unless we make something of our potentials they don’t really exist.

He has developed his will to the point where he can direct the creative fire that fills him. At the same time he remains open, he allows his ego to dissolve so that he can receive the energy and communion with spirit without being blocked by fear.

The Magician represents an awareness of power in our lives, of spirit or creative excitement. It refers to the first steps of the beginning of something creative — not only the inspiration to begin some new project or phase of life. There is the excitement that sustains us through the actual hard work to reach our goal.

Negative Side of The Magician

From the negative or dysfunctional side of The Magician, the creative energy becomes blocked or interrupted in some way. It can mean a weakness, lack of will, or confusion of purpose that leads to nothing. It isn’t that the power isn’t there. We just cannot access it. It can mean apathy, lethargy or even depression. Another aspect of the negative side of The Magician is where power is abused and becomes a destructive influence on others. Problems arise when a person doesn’t know how to direct his creative energy into outer reality. If we don’t ground or bring into manifestation the creative fire using our gifts and talents, it can become trapped in the body and compel itself on our awareness as fear and sometimes severe anxiety.

The secrets to the magical life are revealed in The Magician of the Tarot. They are the secrets that have always been right in front of us, but together not utilized with conscious awareness and understanding. Once we understand and practice the secrets of The Magician, we begin to harness the greatest joys of being alive in actualizing our purpose and of being in service to humanity.

Affirmation For The Month – Creativity

The art of creation cannot be forced. Today, I allow my spiritual imaginative process the space to open itself up to the Divine. I allow this process to develop in its own time.

Live in beauty and be well ~ Triza Schultz

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