Mystical Events and Meet-Ups

It’s October, the leaves are turning and the Halloween decorations are going up. So what better time to explore some of New York’s mystical events and meet-ups? Whether it’s a shamanic gathering or a lecture about The Gospel of Thomas, we found a variety of activities happening all over. For a full calendar, go to:

Practical Mysticism Expo

If you have an interest in the spiritual but aren’t ready to ditch your material belongings to live in the desert or spend a month at a yoga retreat in group meditation, eating only brown rice, this is the place for you. We are a group of friends who created this expo with a common vision & goal to demystify the mystical, & translate spiritual & mystical methods into useful, practical, everyday tools. Our goal is to help you connect with your spiritual self & integrate the mystical into everyday.

Or, for more traditional Halloween fare, go to for tickets to “The Pumpkin Blaze” or “Haunted Sleepy Hollow.” There’s plenty for the family to do in Historic Hudson Valley.

by Staff