The Twilight Brigade – Co-founder Dannion Brinkley

The dying is one of society’s most unrecognized and under-served minorities. As individuals near the end of life, they are often ignored, discounted, misunderstood and forgotten.In 1997, a small group of dedicated individuals, under the leadership of best-selling author Dannion Brinkley, came together to form a very special organization named COMPASSION IN ACTION… now officially named, The Twilight Brigade.

The Twilight Brigade is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization committed to raising society’s consciousness about the needs of the dying through community and professional education, advocacy, and direct service to the terminally ill and their loved ones, ensuring that no one need die alone. The Twilight Brigade is both a Service Organization and an Educational Organization.

As a Service Organization, The Twilight Brigade’s trained corps of volunteers visit patients in Veterans’ Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Hospice facilities. Through our unique service system, our trained volunteers visit terminally ill patients at Veterans’ Hospitals, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospice facilities, and Assisted Living communities. When possible, we provide 24-hour attention during the final hours allowing people to die in peace and with dignity.

As an Educational Organization The Twilight Brigade’s conducts volunteer training sessions, community workshops, and professional education seminars. Our informative 20-hour volunteer training programs are also open to the public. As a 501c (3) Nonprofit Organization, The Twilight Brigade exists solely upon your generosity, and the donations of people just like you. The core of The Twilight Brigade’s program involves training volunteers and placing them in service roles to provide support and reassurance to those facing terminal illnesses, delivering community and professional education that increases the acceptance of death and dying as a natural life process, and advocating the critical need for quality end-of-life care. Volunteer service is delivered to individuals, regardless of age, race, or ethnic background. Individuals must be diagnosed with a terminal illness or condition, but is not limited by prognosis or treatment course. Most referrals for service come from medical care-givers, family members, or loved ones. Individuals may self refer.

Today, Chairman Of The Board, Dannion Brinkley, and the approximately 5,000 volunteers nationwide that collectively make up The Twilight Brigade are dedicated to being at the bedside of our nation’s dying, especially veterans. The Twilight Brigade is the largest end-of-life care organization operating as an independent agency operating within VA hospitals and hospice care facilities across America.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, America’s military veterans are dying at an alarming rate — the majority being World War II veterans.Recognizing an unmet need, The Twilight Brigade made their highest priority establishing chapters across the country to assist the VA’s by providing volunteers specifically trained for end-of-life care service.

Our mission, “Compassion In Action”, is to ensure that no veteran dies alone, and that spouses of dying veterans have access to needed social and community support during the final days of a veteran’s life and after their loved one has passed away. The Twilight Brigade has assisted and comforted thousands of veterans during their final days / hours of life throughout its years of existence.

The Twilight Brigade accepts no payment for its services, and has received the numerous awards from the highest level within the Veteran’s and Armed Forces’ administrations as well as US Presidents for its hard work and effort assuring that veterans can die in peace and with dignity.

Volunteer Training is part of the Educational Outreach of Twilight Brigade, and training sessions are conducted on a regular basis. Some training sessions are very large and scheduled well in advance by Twilight Brigade’s National headquarters, while others are smaller and more intimate and scheduled by the various chapters on an as needed basis.

Volunteer Training includes…

Understanding & Maintaining Confidentiality

How To Provide Unconditional Positive Regard

How To Be Present in the Moment

How To Sincerely Listen While Refraining From Problem Solving

An Unprecedented Understanding and Respect the Dying Process

How To Facilitate the Life Review With an Emphasis on Appreciation and Closure

How To Heal the Fears Surrounding Death and Dying

How To Be a Loving Source of Support and Strength Through the Dying Process

For a list of currently scheduled volunteer trainings, click here.

For more information, please visit

Or write to: The Twilight Brigade PO Box 84013 Los Angeles, CA 90073 (310) 473-1941 National Headquarters located on the campus of the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center: 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Bldg 258, Room 118, Los Angeles, CA 90073

Email The Twilight Brigade at:

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