World Congress On Osteoporosis Recommends Drug Free Approach

Dr. Vivian Goldschmidt just reported on her website about a “new” breakthrough in the treatment of osteoporosis — not using drugs!! Of course, this is something she has been advocating and educating about for years. Readers of her website and emails will be familiar with her ground breaking work using diet and exercise to reverse and reduce the effects of osteoporosis on bone health. In her latest newsletter she writes,

Today I’m bringing you some truly revolutionary news. For the first time ever, scientists at the World Congress on Osteoporosis, agreed on a drug-free method for “treating” osteoporosis.

It’s called osteogenic loading, and it’s based on principles established by the Save Our Bones Program from the get-go.

So while the mainstream hails this as something new, the breakthrough development is that the Medical Establishment is finally coming around to admitting the useless nature of osteoporosis drugs.

I’ll explain…

What Is The World Congress On Osteoporosis?

Last week, 4,500 scientists convened in Milan, Italy for the 17th World Congress on Osteoporosis (WCO). According to the WCO website, it has become the “largest educational event and most vibrant clinical research forum for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal diseases in Europe.”1

Obviously, this is a significant event in itself. But the amazing part is what they “discovered” this year.

The Search For The Perfect Osteoporosis “Cure”

Because mainstream medicine considers osteoporosis a disease, symposiums and educational events are aimed at finding a cure that involves the quest for the “right” drug.

Unfortunately, osteoporosis drugs cause more harm than good . Even when they appear to “work,” the apparent increase in bone density that may occur after a course of drugs is simply the result of the drug’s tampering with healthy bone remodeling.

The most popular osteoporosis drugs stop bone from shedding bone cells. Ostensibly, this seems like a good way to prevent loss of bone density; but what this approach fails to take into account is that the shedding of old bone cells is essential for new, healthy bone cells to take their place. Forcing the bone to “hold on” to worn-out bone that should be shed is a recipe for thick, brittle bones that appear denser in DEXA scans, but are more prone to fracture.

Plus these drugs have awful side effects. In fact, no osteoporosis drug currently in the market is safe . Yet this has not stopped Big Pharma and Mainstream Medicine from trying to come up with a miracle drug for osteoporosis…until now. Fortunately, the tide might be turning.

The 2015 WCO Offers Hope Of A Drug-Free Approach Going Mainstream

This is the first time ever that the WCO, which has been meeting for 17 years, has focused on a non-pharmaceutical protocol for osteoporosis.

The topic they explored was not supplementation with calcium (as you might expect), but rather, the effects of high-impact and low-impact stimulus on bone development (in other words, exercise!). Specifically, the scientists studied the effects of the recently-developed bioDensity system, a large, rather elaborate device that positions the body to receive compressive force in key areas of the skeleton. In accordance with Wolff’s Law, a familiar concept to Savers, the bioDensity system stimulates osteoblast activity via pressure exerted on bone through the following exercises: the seated chest press, leg press, core pull, and standing vertical lift.

Intended to be practiced once a week, the bioDensity approach is considered a “breakthrough” concept in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Because the load is based on body weight, the participant controls the amount of load based on comfort level, lowering injury risk considerably.

Amazingly, This “New” Concept Is Heralded By Scientists At The WCO

Have you talked to your doctor about the role of exercise in increasing bone density? Chances are, he or she told you that exercise is good, but it’s not enough (so you still need to take osteoporosis drugs). As the concepts of osteogenic loading catch on, you may find that doctors will become more supportive of regular exercise in reversing and preventing osteoporosis. This was such a “hot topic” at the WCO that it may infiltrate the mainstream.

What Is “Osteogenic Loading”?

While the terminology may be new to you, if you’ve been following the Save Our Bones Program and practicing the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System , you’ll realize that you’re quite familiar with it.

Osteogenic loading simply refers to the stimulation of new bone growth and absorption of minerals via axial loading of the skeleton. Axial loading is the application of force along the longitudinal body axis (the top of your head through your hips).

The Densercise™ Epidensity Training System Offers The Same Benefits (And More!) In The Convenience Of Your Own Home

The cost of bioDensity can range anywhere from $25-50 per session and yearly memberships start at around $1,000. Therefore, it may not be a convenient option for everyone.

The good news is that to reap the benefits of osteogenic loading you don’t need massive machinery and to make an inconvenient trip. The same benefits — and more — can be obtained with the Densercise™ Epidensity System .

The concept of an exercise program specifically designed to improve bone density has been a part of the Save Our Bones philosophy since its inception in 2007. Once again, Savers are ahead of the curve, while 4,500 scientists think they’ve just made a breakthrough discovery!

Densercise™ is highly customizable; your comfort level determines the amount of load, just like the bioDensity method. Densercise™ offers all the benefits of the bioDensity system, plus more. For example, with Densercise™ :

You can exercise in the comfort of your own home (or the place of your choosing). No special equipment is required — no huge machines that have to be operated and overseen by medical professionals. It involves a one-time investment of $27 (compared to an ongoing fee of $25-50 per session for bioDensity). You can Densercise™ as often as you like, not just once a week, thus increasing benefits (3 times a week for 15 minutes is the recommended frequency). Densercise™ contains a wide variety of moves, so you will increase bone density all over. “Densercises” promote balance, improved posture, more energy, better muscle tone, and a myriad of benefits in addition to just increasing bone density.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to be proud that you’re part of the bone health revolution!

by Staff