Retreats In Print – Vol.1:Spirit Guides & Invisible Influences

Stephen Thomson and Michael Guarino have done readers a real service in Retreats In Print. Based on years of notes and anecdotes from their live workshops and retreats, Volume 1, “Spirit Guides and Invisible Influence,” is a treasure trove of knowledge about our guides, their purpose, how to learn more about them and how some may move into or out of our lives over time based on our interests and what’s happening in our lives.

The authors offer ideas for meditation and exercises to help you identify your guides, or what may be “invisible influences.” These influences may range from someone who has passed on to an author you like, or to more surprising objects such as a plant, if that plant shares characteristics or qualities that speak to you. The authors explain how to tell the difference between guides and influences and how to delve into why each appears. Full of personal stories and written in a friendly, intimate manner, Volume 1 is a promising start and leaves us hoping that the next installment of Retreats In Print comes out soon.

review by Cheryl Shainmark