A New Channeled Essay by Asandra: A New Civilization

***image1***It is necessary to understand to what is truly happening in your realm, Earth, at this time. There are human beings that are trying to change the circumstances of life on Earth by attempting to fix the problems such as they are. One of the ways that humans attempt to do this is through activism. Another way is through prayer or praying for peace. But all of this is absurd because it indicates that those individuals are not fully comprehending the consciousness shift that is presently taking place on the Earth.

This shift is not about fixing what already exists. What already exists would be considered the old paradigm of existence. Instead, it is necessary to create from a higher paradigm of inspiration and wisdom. This is what has been referred to for many years as the paradigm shift.

That means that your consciousness is anchored in a realm that is not yet fully manifest on the Earth plane. Those that have a calling toward this higher work, however, will recognize that it is part of their destiny path to facilitate the co-creation of a higher paradigm.

They will be strongly compelled to move in this inspired direction. Support and resources, therefore, will compliment those efforts. Where there is a misunderstanding, however, is when individuals try to change what already exists instead of creating anew from a higher vision.

***image2***This paradigm shift is also the embryonic stage of a new and superior civilization. This civilization recognizes itself as light. It lives within a higher form of consciousness that recognizes interconnectedness among all things. It is only when you become increasingly aware at this higher plane that you can then co-create in alignment with the new paradigm.

The new paradigm, however, looks nothing like the old paradigm. The old institutions, whether it is medicine, government, education, marriage, and so forth, require change that reflects this interconnected prototype. In order to do that, one must start with a clean slate. It is foolish to try to change what is already not working. Historically, civilizations come and go. There is no need to hold onto a civilization that would be better off dismantling so that a higher one can come forth.

There are those that are afraid of the circumstances that are taking place in the world right now. They are afraid of natural disasters. They are afraid of many things. These individuals are still basing their reality in the old paradigm. If you are focused on the higher paradigm, then you not part of the frequency that is causing the destruction of the old civilization, therefore you are protected and have nothing to fear.

Ultimately this would be considered consciousness of the infinite. Consciousness of the infinite is not based on limitations or fearful realities. It is based on the grandeur of what truly is.

When you live your life in accordance with these higher principles (that support the movement of consciousness into the infinite), when you follow your true destiny, that destiny will reveal to you that you are part of this higher and more evolved paradigm. Higher destiny always is part of the awakening paradigm of the new civilization which finds its foundation not in form, but in awakened consciousness.

A channeled essay by Asandra © 2004

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by Asandra
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