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CEM PRODUCTIONS is a film and video production and consultation group, which brings extensive, national and international experience to the design and production of award-winning films, television programs and television series for US, European and other international distribution outlets. Since 1983, CEM PRODUCTIONS (Cultural & Educational Media, a non profit 501c3 media organization) has been using film, video and television technologies to promote new understandings, awareness and tolerance between peoples, cultures, nations and faiths.

Lunch with BokaraHost-Bokara LegendreAvailable on DVD

Welcome to Lunch With Bokara – an exciting new television series that explores the frontiers of religion and metaphysics, of science and spirituality.

Join host Bokara Legendre as she brings together an engaging group of well-known scientists, thinkers, and spiritual teachers from around the world. Join a unique, spontaneous conversation as fascinating guests who have never met are brought together for the first time to share their insights, knowledge and wisdom.

Some Programs from the Series Include:

MEDITATION, EMOTIONS & BODY LANGUAGEwith Jack Kornfield and Paul EkmanFOOD FOR THE SOULwith Huston Smith and Ram DassHEALING FAMILY & COMMUNITYwith Sobonfu Some and Rachel Naomi Remen THE MONK & THE RABBIwith Brother David Steindl-Rast and Rabbi Larry KushnerTRANSFORMATION AND MINDFULNESSwith Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn and Michael MurphyFor more programs visit http://www.cemproductions.org/bokara/

SOUND OF THE SOUL is a glorious homage to the remarkable Fez Festival of World Sacred Music in Morocco, which brings together a unique array of musicians from Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds. –All connected through their artistry by profound expressions of love and longing. In a world increasingly polarized by religious conflicts and fundamentalist forces, SOUND OF THE SOUL is a timely and profound experiential journey, reverberating with unity, understanding and most of all, hope. Read More

OUR HOUSE IN HAVANA follows the emotionally charged return trip of Silvia Morini, a vivacious 68 year old Cuban, who after 38 years living in the U.S.A., decides to return to Cuba to search for the house, the neighborhood and the faded remains of her once-opulent, privileged life. Silvia’s pilgrimage is full of discoveries engaging interactions, and personal confrontations, which carry her from exhilaration to depression, and, ultimately, in a surprising twist, to an astounding personal transformation.

OUR HOUSE IN HAVANA is an intimate, thought-provoking cinematic journey, seasoned with Cuban history, culture, music and passion. http://www.cemproductions.org/havana/

Last Images of War

Last Images of War is the compelling and tragic story of four photojournalists covering the Afghan-Soviet war, who felt an intense commitment to provide the world with the dramatic images it craved, and who were ultimately consumed by the story and the conflict they reported on. This unforgettable, Emmy-Award winning film explores the motivation and ideals which carried these three men (one English, one American and one Russian) and one Japanese woman to their deaths in this Holy War or “Jihad” against the Soviet Union.

Last Images of War is a story told from different perspectives, using compelling original footage and photographs, journal notes and interviews with the four photographers themselves, their families, friends and colleagues. The fifth voice of the film is the poetic, tragic voice of the Afghan nation itself. This is a story about frontline photojournalists, about war, Afghan culture, Islam, grief, families, friendship and the intense personal and professional commitment to tell a story that needed to be told. More information coming soon.

For more information on CEM Productions please visit their website at www.cemproductions.org

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STEPHEN OLSSON has produced and directed documentary films, television series and feature news reports throughout the world for US and European broadcasters, including the BBC, PBS, CNN, National Geographic Television, NBC, CBS, ARTE, Canal+, NHK & TV Asahi. He has been the recipient of television's three major awards: the National Emmy Award, the Du-Pont-Columbia Award and the George Foster Peabody Award. He is currently the president of Cultural & Educational Media, a non-profit, 501c3 media organization and Head of Original Programming at Link TV.For more bio information, visit http://www.cemproductions.org/olsson_bio/