Consciousness & Dying with Peter Fenwick

Consciousness & Dying With Peter Fenwick Peter Fenwick is an eminent neuropsychiatrist, academic and expert on epilepsy and other disorders of the brain. However, his most compelling and provocative research has been into the end of life phenomena, including near-death experiences and deathbed visions of the dying person, as well as the experiences of hospice and palliative care workers and relatives of dying people.

Fenwick is the author of several books including: The Art of Dying, How to Get Out of Here Alive, and more recently, The Truth In The Light, believes that consciousness may be independent of the brain and so able to survive the death of the brain. He became interested in end of life phenomena after reading Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Life. After collecting and conducting his own research on hundreds of near death experiences, Fenwick says,”The plain fact is that none of us understands these phenomena. As for the soul and life after death, they are still open ques­tions, though I myself suspect that NDEs are part of the same continu­um as mystical experiences.”

While many in the medical community question Fenwick’s controversial findings, others have admired his comprehensive and detailed research. “The authors [of The Art of Dying] not only manage to show that it isn’t always all bad, but raise profound questions about the nature of consciousness.” – Journal of Consciousness Studies, December 2008.

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