Cosmic Intelligence by Asandra

***image1***Everything that exists within your reality is a reflection that has come through your own consciousness. The origin of all of the elements that appear in your reality are born of a cosmic intelligence that is symbolically like the brain of the Creator. Every single created life form that exists in the infinite cosmos is a particle of God /Creator. Therefore, there is no thing in your reality that is not of this highest cosmic source.

A human being has the capacity to express the highest form of this cosmic intelligence no matter what the condition of his physical life or personal intelligence. Cosmic intelligence is not bound by the perimeters of ordinary reality. This is how an individual can surpass ordinary reality to have an extraordinary experience of existence. The dictates, however, of old patterns of ordinary reality are so firmly entrenched that it is often difficult to arise up out of the mire and reach an ascended level of clarity.

***image2***If you were to approach your life connected at the internal center of your being, you would be living, in a manner of speaking, within the Creator’s brain. But do not misunderstand the notion of cosmic intelligence or the Creator’s brain as meaning the same as the analytical process of your own physical brain. The reference to intelligence is synonymous with the presence of cosmic awareness.

As an individual, you have the capacity to be anchored within this cosmic awareness. What this presents is a range of possibility in how your life can be experienced that would ultimately be considered infinite. In order to come into this awareness, however, you would need to move beyond the perimeters of ordinary reality. Ordinary reality refers to the accepted notions that one has either individually or collectively about what is possible within one’s everyday experience. Of course, anything based on ordinary reality is limited and will create restrictions on what is possible to be experienced.

In order to live your life from this higher, expanded position, it is necessary to come into a cosmic perspective that is as unbound by limited ideas as you can possibly manage at any given time. If you can, at the very least, recognize these limited patterns or beliefs when they surface, then you can begin in that very moment to free yourself up from restraint.

To free yourself up so that you can live in the full expression of your awakened self requires an ongoing effort. It means that you come to live in the full presence of who you are which is also the full presence of cosmic intelligence. In fact, they could be considered synonymous. It also requires that the individual relinquish the unconscious tendency to move through life based upon linear concepts of reality.

***image3***You probably do not realize how insidious the framework of linear reality can be to a soul that is seeking its awakening. To fully awaken, you cannot have the limitations of ordinary linear reality determining how you proceed in your life. Children approach their life each day anew. They do not have an agenda plotted out for how their day will unfold as adults do. This does not mean that you neglect your responsibilities but it does mean that your notion of the position of these responsibilities changes so that they no longer control your life.

Cosmic intelligence encompasses the realm of infinite possibilities that exists within the expanded cosmology of all created things. When you live your life centered within the source of this cosmic intelligence, you are free of the constraints that ordinary reality imposes. Within that source, infinite possibilities emerge, and you can live in the fullness of your true awakened self.

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by Asandra
ASANDRA considers herself to be a multidimensional being. This is expressed through her work as an Artist, Writer, and Trance-channel