Earth Expressions: An Artistic Exploration Inspired by Crop Circles By Catherine Cogorno

Earth Expressions: An Artistic Exploration Inspired by Crop Circles By Catherine CogornoYears ago I read a very interesting book about crop circles. This sparked my curiosity and excitement about a subject both personal and universal in nature. Meanwhile, people in the UK and Europe, especially, were observing, enjoying and talking about the phenomenon.

In the spring of 2010 I saw a wonderful film about them. Towards the end a woman was asked: “What do you think they are?” She responded, “I think they are a gift to humanity.” This went straight to my heart, and fueled my desire to share them. In addition, I had always wanted to draw and color the circles. Since I couldn’t find any books for this artistic exploration, I thought that maybe I could put one together. I started talking with the scholars, while researching the vast amount of photographs posted on several websites. By then I was hooked.

Catherine CogornoAfter selecting a variety of photos from the UK, art exercises were designed and successfully tested with children. Then I found myself chasing more fantastic images from other countries. I thank the photographers who graciously allowed me to include their work in my book, as well as the artists and other loving contributors.

Thank you to the wonderful Photographers and Contributors!

The Inner Circle:

Rebecca Callander Liddy, Diana Lia Barrios, Robert Baybo, Diane Cogorno Castro, Jamie Julian and Nicholas Barrios

The Illustrious Researchers:

Nancy Talbot, BLT Research Team Inc – Suzanne Taylor, Director and Producer of the film What on Earth? Mark Fussell and Stuart Dike, Mary Carroll Nelson, author of Crop Circles: An Art of our Time Lydia Ruyle, professor and artist, Steve and Karen Alexander,, authors of Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries Bertold Zugelder, Andy Thomas, author of Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery Andreas Müller, Jeffrey Wilson, — USA archives Paul Scott Anderson, — Canada

Each crop circle appearance is a story in itself. Let your imagination soar.

Earth Art Inspiration by Catherine Cogorno

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by Catherine Cogorno
"I was born in St. Louis, but lived in Peru for 19 yrs. I obtained a B. Sc. degree there, but after returning to St. Louis, I have worked in international companies, retaining strong ties to Latin America. I am interested in all forms of spirituality, healing and the arts. For 4 yrs I served on the Board of Gitana Productions, a non-profit organization bringing people together through the arts. Currently, I am a hospice volunteer, a member of P. Yogananda's worldwide Self-Realization Fellowship and a Reiki practitioner. 10 Years ago I learned many aspects of crop circles reading Andy Thomas' book "Vital Signs". Last year, after viewing a Norwegian film, my deep interest was fueled by a desire to bring the phenomenon to the US, and to create a medium in which we could all trace and draw some of the stunning designs, many considered to be sacred geometry. Many researchers, friends and artists have contributed to making this book interesting, fun and thought provoking."