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Sahar Huneidi“The intention of my Life Readings, Short Reading, and Mini Readings is to provide you with help and guidance from a spiritual or soul level; that is to offer you a bird’s eye view of your life. My readings are therefore not restricted or limited to having a predictive nature. The focus is on assisting you, in the journey of your life, as much as I can. In this way you will have the power to co-create the future you desire by unfolding and focusing on your spiritual development, or awareness.

My focus is to provide you with tools you need in order to implement changes in your personal life and achieve what you desire. This is made possible by weeding out obstacles and transmuting any negative patterns thereby empowering you. So, when you have your first session with me, specially if it is your first visit to a psychic, I would explain to you that what we will hear today is a probable future reflecting who you are today, how you feel about your life, and what beliefs you hold.

If you change certain beliefs, then you will impact your future by creating new outcomes for yourself. The first thing I would tell you is that: You have self-will, and no one knows the future but you! If your reading is a “fantastic” one, but you do not action what I call your “homework”, then nothing will happen. It will simply remain a “fantastic recorded” reading! If on the other hand, you implement your homework, which is your tools for change, then life will begin to unfold in the right way.

My core philosophy is to inspire and empower. To help you extract wisdom from the past, and focus on moving forward. That is, to make a shift from victim mentality to that of a co-creator. The former enforces restrictions and stagnation, the latter restores self-will and accountability. I, therefore, never sensationalise my readings, or inject any fears or doubts. Some of the suggestions I make to you, may include recommendations to see other therapists or practitioners, which you will find on my People page; or taking up development or creative courses which you will find on my Places page. So, please listen to your reading several times, and make notes as you do so of any homework that I may suggest during the session. Use your notes to track any changes as well as actions you make. In this way you will learn to become conscious of the future that you are creating for yourself. In the event that you are entirely unhappy with your reading, your fees will be refunded. No questions asked.

visit and make sure you click “3Q” logo to take advantage of our celebratory super deal.I am thankful to all my clients for their continued support and for keeping in touch with me, while all of this was taking place; so please join me in celebrating my new e-store. To mark the occasion, visit and make sure you click “3Q” logo to take advantage of our celebratory super deal. I’d also be grateful for your feedback, comments and suggestions.”              

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"My name is Sahar Huneidi. I am a professional intuitive, based in London, a monthly Spiritual Life Coach columnist for Prediction Magazine (2004-2009), the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK; author of Your Future In A Coffee Cup: The Art Of Divining with Coffee Grounds; editor and publisher of, UK's first holistic on-line magazine; and a podcaster...I have over seventeen years experience as a professional intuitive, and have been credited twice in Dr. Hans Holzer's Psychic Yellow Pages, Citadel Press, New York, as: "One of The Very Best 100 Psychics In The World", and had several appearances in national & international media..."