Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick

Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet is a biography of a man who lived with a most remarkable ability. Written by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick, is the story of Edgar Cayce, a man who could diagnose obscure ailments and go as far as to heal those ailments without having so much as a day’s formal education in a medicinal setting.

Beyond healing many, Edgar would go on to assist the government with various policies. He has gone as far as to pull blueprints for a perpetual motion device and the location of the lost continent Atlantis from seemingly thin air. Most incredibly… he did it all in his sleep.

Despite Edgar’s many prophecies as well as trance (controlled sleep) readings of the sick and dying, he began his life and remained through it’s entirety, a devout Christian. Never did he feel his trances violated or contradicted his religion. In fact, Edgar viewed his gift to be exactly that, a gift from God.

However, many viewed his words to be the words of the devil.

Cayce would go into trance while those around him might ask questions of the Source (believed to be the “entity” drawing information from Beyond or possibly subconscious). One reading began, “…You will tell us how the psychic work is accomplished through this body…” In response Cayce, in trance, stated:

“in this [trance] state the conscious mind is under subjugation of the subconscious mind or soul mind…

It obtains its information from… other subconscious minds… or minds that have passed into the Beyond…

What is known to ones subconscious mind or soul is known to another, whether conscious of the fact or not.”

Edgar and the Source assisted no less than 5,744 people with 14,145 trance readings over the course of his lifetime. He encountered many skeptics, some much less friendly than others. Plots to reveal him as a fraud quickly failed when Edgar read more accurately the symptoms and diagnosis of subjects than the scheming doctors themselves had. Less friendly plots failed when Edgar was stabbed in the foot with a large needle and his fingernail cut off in a trance state and Edgar did not so much as flinch… That is of course until he woke up and reacted quite more suitably to that of a man whose fingernail had been removed…

This biography has been an incredible story that was quite worth reading into. I was truly taken aback by most of Edgar’s accomplishments and still dropped my jaw on a number of the incredible ones. This has easily been the most believable and least questionable book about a practicing psychic I’ve read.

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Award winning documentary film maker and best-selling author, Sidney D. Kirkpatrick is a graduate of Kent School, in Kent, Connecticut, Hampshire College, in Amherst, Massachusetts, and NYU. Film School. His critically acclaimed books include A Cast of Killers, Turning the Tide, Lords of Sipan, Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet and most recently, The Revenge of Thomas Eakins. Mr. Kirkpatrick is also the producer and director of My Father the President. He has sat on the board of PEN—the internationally recognized writers organization.