Growing Up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir by Alexandra Holzer

Growing Up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir is a candid, and often humorous, look back at author Alexandra Holzer’s life with an unusual and eccentric family. She shares background and insight about Dr. Hans Holzer, the original ‘ghost hunter,’ her artistic and aristocratic mother, Catherine Buxhoeveden, and numerous other family members.

Holzer offers her perspective of what it was like living a normal life amidst the paranormal activities with which both of her parents were involved. She includes memories of gatherings and parties at their upper Westside New York apartment and generously shares some of her father’s “famous ghost stories.” Full of family photographs, anecdotes, and comments, Holzer covers her mother’s lineage to Catherine the Great, her father’s childhood fascination with ghosts in Vienna, how her parents met, their early work together investigating ghosts, and more.

Growing Up Haunted also includes previously printed articles and interviews with her father, a “spiritual and ghostly dictionary” of paranormal terms “to encourage discussion,” and concludes with an update on her family today. “The paranormal, the afterlife, our angelic guides, and family members were all with us way back then, and some still remain as we continue to serve our purpose on this plane of existence we call earth.” Through Growing Up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir, Holzer presents a glimpse into her family’s extraordinary life.

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Daughter to the famed and original 1960's pioneering Ghost Hunter, Author Dr. Hans Holzer and to Artist, Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden, comes the next generation in ghosts, the unexplained and fantasy worlds. Alexandra Holzer studied at the best prep schools in New York City and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology. While raising four incredible children in upstate New York, she writes sci-fi/fantasy, screenplays and supernatural, horror thrillers.