Is That You Dad? A Message From Beyond The Grave by Jenny Smedley

Article first appeared in Woman’s Own , June 05, pp. 50. “Three women tell Woman’s Own why they are convinced their father had to say good bye”.

Sahar Huneidi, 42, from central London used to work in advertising but became a psychic since her life-changing experience .

I dreamt of Dad’s death, 10 days before he died.

Ten days before he died, I dreamt I was in a car with my father, Hamdi, and he was driving the family home. He parked the car and rested his head on the steering wheel. Then in an instant, he was gone. Somehow, I knew the dream was telling me that he was going to let go of life.

Ten days later, Dad was rushed to hospital. I took the next available plane to Jordan to see him. When my mum Mutia, met me at the airport, she said, “Don’t worry, everything will be OK”. But I heard telling her,” No mum. Dad passed away, 30 minutes ago, while you were on your way here”.

Sahar’s Dad, inset, sent a message from beyond the grave to reassure her When we arrived at hospital, we were met by grief stricken relatives who told us Dad had passed away. Mum collapsed — we both knew I’d been right. The whole family sat in shock in a waiting room — my poor mother was hysterical. Suddenly, I saw Dad as clearly as I could see the rest of them.

I couldn’t believe it. Then I heard a voice in my head sharp and clear, saying, “Yes, Sahar, you see, I’ve crossed over and I’m fine. Tell your Mum to stop wailing!” I turned to her and gave her the message. She said, “Really, is he?” “Yes,” I replied. “H’s sitting opposite you, and he is fine.” She stopped crying and we were able to face immediate aftermath calmly.

Just before I boarded the plane back to the UK, a rush of wind came from nowhere and embraced me. I knew it was a big hug from Dad to say goodbye. I felt he’d come to help convince me to develop my psychic talents too, and went on to become a professional psychic.

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