The Secret Key by Stephen Thomson

Make room on the shelf for The Secret Key — Stephen Thomson’s lovely book about developing the psychic senses. Part history, part method, this powerful book is chock full of instruction for activating and using your own innate ability to psychically connect with the world around you. This, as Thomson says, is the secret to entering the higher realms of spirituality.

The author recounts his own background of growing and searching for answers and how he had to gradually let go of old beliefs and dogmas that were holding him back in his quest. Thomson relates this skillfully, with lively anecdotes about the “chance encounters” that led to each next step, mixed with amusing stories about the wrong ways and right ways he learned to use his newfound skills.

Along the way, Thomson makes a strong case for developing one’s psychic sensitivity. If the vibration of the planet is increasing, as many of us suspect it is, then enhancing our own spirituality and psychic sensitivity may be the best (or only!) way to keep up with the planet. The good news, the author says, is that we all have this ability — it is not just a gift given to some and not others. This is where the history comes in — Thomson believes that throughout the ages people have been discouraged from developing their abilities, perhaps because this leads to questioning authority — whether it’s from the government, the church or one’s boss. As he says, when you have a strong inner knowing (read bulls#*t detector!) then you no longer have to rely upon others for answers.

This book is loaded with easy to follow concepts and exercises and that alone is worthwhile, but one of the real strengths of The Secret Key is Thomson’s own experience as he relays what changes to expect as you increase your psychic abilities. He points out that as you raise your own vibration your relationship with the world around you may change as well. This could mean that foods may taste differently, friends or lovers may seem different, and old attitudes and habits may fall away or be replaced. As your sensitivity increases, you may feel depressed or rejuvenated by contact with others, depending upon what their energy is like.

Importantly, Thomson also gives good advice for how to physically support the growth and changes in your body as you progress — what to do and what to avoid. Likewise, he offers hard earned wisdom about ethical use of psychic info — when to share what you know and when to keep quiet.

There are numerous books on the market about developing the psychic senses, but The Secret Key stand out from the pack because of all of this extra information and advice. As Thomson says, if we are surrounded by and bombarded by psychic information all the time anyway, then we might as well learn to use it. What his book illustrates is that there is a right way to do it — with joy, but with responsibility and ethics. Most other books seem to lose sight of this, and it’s to the author’s credit that he does not. With The Secret Key, Stephen Thomson has written a wonderful “how-to” manual that is loaded with integrity and insight.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Steve Thompson's work includes psychic readings, astology, numerology, breathwork, and spiritual mentoring. All of these services are available in person or on the phone, with the exception of the breathwork. I also teach, write and lead workshops and deliver lectures on metaphysical practices. These include expansion of the psychic senses, spiritual magic, meditation, the Tarot, Numerology, the Kabbala, and exploration of eastern mystical traditions and practices.