Jodi Serota – META Center in New York

Jodi Serota has been studying and teaching consciousness and metaphysical awareness for almost twenty years. With this experience and much more, she has opened the META Center. META is an acronym for Multidimensional Education and Transformational Arts Center.

Services offered include:

Art – Watercolors, acrylics and mixed media for individuals, residential and commercial environments, hospitals and other medical spaces. Channeled Healing Paintings are available through the website.

Metaphysics – The Part of Philosophy concerned with the study of the ultimate cause and underlying nature of things, including getting to the root causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence: Channeled Readings, Channeled Healings, Workshops, Classes, Seminars, and Multi-Level Life Counseling.

Education -The Process of developing or cultivating knowledge and awareness, intellectually, intuitively and creatively. There are workshops, classes, seminars,and Multi-Level Life Counseling. Multi-Media Vibrational Healing Concerts – Jodi creates audio-visual sensory environments that stimulate, heighten and balance all of the senses. These events combine the visual experience of enlarged images of the color, imagery, texture and geometries of her art while listening to channeled vocalized frequencies from various dimensions (the Music of The Spheres, Angelic and Starsystem languages, etc.) and it’s all accentuated by interesting lighting and various musicians. The resulting presentation raises consciousness and affects healing on all levels.

Jodi’s Healing Art Gallery

“These images are created to promote and assist in healing and consciousness-raising as well as personal expansion, transformation and change. Through the vibrational effect of color, imagery, texture and light, this artwork will impact your energetic and molecular structure all the way down to a cellular and soul level, just by viewing it.As you view these works in the gallery, hold the specified intention of each work in your thoughts. Allow yourself to breathe in the color, the imagery, the sacred geometry and the frequencies of light/color/sound into every part of your being.The artwork presented here also assists and accelerates the process of healing, moving you from a state of “dis-ease” to “at-ease-ment” in the areas of physical ailments, emotional issues, mental challenges and spiritual misalignments.” (

“Studio visits to Jodi Serota’s Art Studio at 323 W. 39th St. #504 may be arranged by appointment only.

Commissioned & Studio Paintings Are Available For…

Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing Wellness gifts of any kind Special Occasions (weddings, anniversaries, births, holidays, birthdays) Feng Shui Home or Office

Commissioned Paintings come with written guided information, and commissioned channeled artwork does not require personal visits to channel the information. Simply providing the name of the recipient allows for a vibrational connection. If there is a specific goal or intention, please include that information with the name.” (

For more information on Jodi Serota and the META Center visit

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Jodi Serota is a contemporary artist and vibrational healer born and raised in the New York City area. She is a graduate of Syracuse University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting. She also completed specialized studies at both the St. Martin's School of Fine Arts in London, England, and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Additionally, since 1981, she has been one of the New York area's leading metaphysical educators offering both individual sessions and large group workshops for personal growth and vibrational healing.(Bio taken from Jodi Serota's website listed below article)