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Check out this wonderful resource: Practitioners can share events, join the holistic directory, read articles and post questions to their experts. LinkHolistic is now the leading holistic professional and community site, featuring teacher events, practitioner listings, group support and holistic forums.

Jeremy Leach, who developed the site, commented, ” My goal, through providing holistic healers with a platform to communicate and reach out, is to eventually work with a handful of teachers and techniques to create a sustainable centre somewhere on the physical plane. Drawing on aspects of Zhineng qigong, the best comprehensive understanding of nutrition, physical exercise and tantra for relationships, plus natural building and sustainable energy sources, I would like to co-create a community with the group resonance and tools to act as a role-model for how society could be.”

While the emphasis of the website is on practitioners in Great Britain, you don’t have to be British or a holistic therapist to reap the benefits: there are blogs, posted videos and Q&A boards that will reward anyone who is interested in alternative health practices.

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