Marlo Thomas Goes Digital! by Marlo Thomas

Brace yourself — I’m going digital! Yep, that’s right: I’ve launched on Facebook, on YouTube, and, of course, on Twitter. Even more exciting, I’ve launched my own website, hosted by AOL. It’s called

And I want you to be a part of it. I want you to know that this is not some cookie-cutter website. For all the Internet browsing I’ve done over the years, I’ve never found a site that truly speaks to what my friends and I care about. So I built one myself — and I think you’ll really love it. It’s all about us…you and me. It’s a place where we can talk and dream and vent — a place where we can continue the conversations we’ve been having for years, about the things that really matter to us. And, no surprise, we’ll have some laughs, too — because, isn’t that what we always love to do? So here’s how to be a part of it: If you’re on Facebook, visitmy page there and click to “Like” me. If you’re on Twitter, click to follow me @Marlo_Thomas. And whatever you do,click here to take a peek at my new siteand let me know what you think of it. Be sure to check out all the exclusive videos we’ve made for you (Girl’s Night Out, The Hero Next Door, I Have To Ask), and the many original features, like Laugh of the Day, Your Turn, My Journal, and live webcasts of Mondays With Marlo at 12:30 pm ET. And, please, be sure to comment on them so you can join the conversation — because that’s the thing I care about most: that is a place where we talk to each other. (To comment on an article, you’ll log in using your AOL or AIM screen name — and if you don’t have one yet, you can create one in two seconds. It’s easy — and it’s free!) I can’t wait to hear from you. Love, Marlo

For more information, please visit Marlo Thomas’s website at

Marlo Thomas and St. Jude Hospital

The Right Words at the Right Time by Marlo Thomas

by Marlo Thomas
Marlo Thomas is an award winning actress, producer and multi talented personality which includes having written two best selling books in addition to her continuing work with St. Jude Children’s Hospital. She has recently authored another book, Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny.