Fire The Grid: A Heart Gripping Story of Healing Love and How We Can Save The Earth With Shelley Yates

Shelley YatesShelley Yates and her young son were both killed in an auto accident. The story is riveting. While she was “on the other side” the Beings of Light told her how to bring her son back to life and that our planet is dying and what she could do to help jumpstart its healing by using the same approach they instructed her to do with her son who was restored to life.

Her message is simple and heart gripping. Live in the moment. Enjoy every experience. There is no harm in pleasure. It’s what we were put here to do; to feel love, excitement, joy…

Our bad days, our anger or sadness, our mistakes – are all just obstacles and challenges to bring us back to the moments of joy we do and can experience everyday. Eckhart Tolle calls it The Power of Now. Many call it present moment awareness. There is a meditation called ‘Mindfulness Meditation’. And it isn’t a huge spiritual movement where we walk around in monks robes praying in silence- It’s enjoying a cup of tea or a beer while we watch the game. It can be your child’s smile. It can be a peaceful drive on a sunny day. Absolutely anything that brings you joy and the simple appreciation and acknowledgement of it, is you firing the grid.

The Message

“So as the voices and visions unravelled I was given the guidance of how to make this all happen. However it will take many of us on this planet to see to the success of the project. As they told me to rotate the humans through my son’s room, they have told me to unite humanity from every corner of the globe. Not every human, just representatives from every corner. We can do this. We need to unite enough people to fire the divine energy system of this planet and jump start it like we did with my boy.

This global project of loving intention is completely possible. Your intention to make it happen can change the outcome of this planet. I will discuss the details of the plan in phase three of this website. I will give you the directions to follow, and you will see how little it will take for you to become an ambassador of light to our home, planet Earth.

I promise you, just one hour of your time and you can help heal this planet, and help create peace among all people. My son and I are examples of the power of positive energy, and what humans are truly capable of when they unite with the intention of love. Love is the universal language of our world, and the world beyond.” Shelley Yates

This love, this joy, this healing energy is what our children’s future relies on; what the future of this Earth relies on.

Why not? What do you have to lose?

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by Merlian News
"Two miracles happened in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. My son and I drowned in a flooded marsh and not only lived to tell the tale, but we are better than ever. I was "dead" for fifteen minutes. I was told by beings of light how to save myself, and my small son. And I was given a message on how to heal the Earth. As you are reading this I ask you with all my heart to open yourself to the possibility of what I say. I feel it is imperative that we unite this world as one planet with one common goal - to establish peace and prosperity for all, not just the select few who were blessed to be in the right place at the right time." Shelley Yates