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Merryn’s Musings

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Coming from a long line of women gifted with the “Second Sight,” I’ve known since I was a child that there are many ways for the Universe or individual souls to get in touch with you. One of the easiest ways is through our dreams, and I learned years ago to pay close attention to who shows up when I’m sleeping….

Liminal Moments by Cheryl Shainmark

Anchoring the Reality That We Want

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon before: you’ve never heard of a particular item, idea, or person and then once you do you find it popping up all over the place. It’s as if the whole world (or at least everybody you know on Facebook), all got the same buzz at the same time. Of course, we all know that someone had to be “the first” — the first to think that thought, invent that item, do the research, say or do or discover something new — and that everybody else caught on later….

Wellbeing & Healing

The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed by Norm Shealy

The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed…. “ The Floral Hand of God represents the most important advance in flower remedies since their inception in modern times — perhaps the most scientifically validated homeopathic type approach ever disclosed. More importantly, here are unique, safe ways to replace stress with health and happiness.” Dr. Brent Davis, Nature Force Publishing


Questions for the Spirit World? Read Jocelyn Graef’s channeled column: Ask Li Chen

Li Chen, are our loved ones with us all the time or have they moved on in the spirit world? This is a very individual process, Dear One, but we will speak generally about how this joyful process works. The Great Event, of course, is in leaving the body. This means the return home. There is no one who is ever alone during this process, for when the spirit is preparing to leave the body, the being is instantly surrounded by those beloveds in spirit who attend them and have always been with them. This is always quite a crowd! Perhaps think of them as the hosts of your homecoming party, as well as your spirit guides.

Conscious Eating

McDonald’s Says NO to GMO Potatoes

From : Mc Donald’s may not have a stellar reputation for being picky about its ingredients, but the company has put its foot down on GMOs. Mc Donald’s’ largest potato supplier has a hot new GM potato, but the House That Ronald Built has no interest in using them. Mc Donald’s isn’t known for being principled about its ingredients; just this year, the company had to issue a major public relations onslaught just to convince people that its Chicken McNuggets are not made from pink slurry …”


Excerpt from “When Did You Die? 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day & Start Waking Up” by Temple Hayes

Temple Hayes writes, “Do you remember being a little kid and dancing to the song The Hokey Pokey, putting different parts of yourself into it and then being asked to “put your whole self in?” Remember how good it felt to shake your body and turn around? You were present, alive, and awake! Isn’t that what life is all about? You put your whole self in! This really is what life is all about, but why do so few of us put our whole selves in?”

Wellbeing &Healing

The Benefits of Mucuna

The amazing herbal adaptogen that is mucuna pruriens is well known for its wide range of tonifying, strengthening and all around beneficial properties. Perhaps it is best known as a potent herbal aphrodisiac. This Indian herb is known by many names, some of which are cowitch, cowhage, velvet beans, sea beans, buffalo beans, Kapikachu, Atmagupta and many more! From


Using Qigong to Reduce Cortisol, The “Stress Hormone”

Healers have known for years that practicing qigong reduces stress and energizes the body and mind. Now multiple studies from researchers have documented the exact degree to which qigong aids in balancing cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone.” Besides improving your mood, reducing cortisol levels allow your body to heal and repair itself.


Holistic Events

Accessing the Wisdom of the Evolution of Medicine Summit

Did you know that you can access the world’s largest medical conference online? This last September, over 37 of the world’s most innovative medical leaders — such as Deepak Chopra, Jeffrey Bland, Mark Hyman, David Perlmutter and others — gave seminars and interviews for the Evolution of Medicine Summit. Founded by James Maskell, the widely popular conference offered free online access to viewers worldwide. Now the whole conference is available on their website,, for a small fee.

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