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Master Stephen CoMaster Stephen Co is a world renowned Master Pranic Healer and the senior disciple of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. He is co-author (with Dr. Eric Robins) of the extraordinary book “Your Hands Can Heal You.” His skills as a compassionate teacher and accomplished healer have garnered him appearances on, CBS, NBC and other networks. Master Co has taught at Kaiser Permanente (Harbor City), Cedars Sinai Medical Center (Beverly Hills), and Barnes Jewish Hospital. He serves as senior facilitator of the United States Pranic Healing Mission and has many thousands of graduates from all walks of life, including doctors, nurses, clergy, massage practioners, Reiki Masters, and homemakers.

In this podcast, Merryn Jose discusses with Master Stephen Co:

in depth, Pranic Healing internal & external chi qong healing phobias & addictions healing emotions meditation the importance of breathing cleansing removing blocks SuperBrain Yoga and more!

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Master Co’s most recent book, The Power of Prana: Breathe Your Way to Health and Vitality

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by Merlian News & Team
Stephen Co is a master of the Life Force energy. The "miracles" that Master Co performs are nature's certain response to the conscious direction of our life force energy ( Chi or Prana ). This subtle knowledge has evolved in the Orient over thousands of years. These ancient mysteries have been organized into a clear-cut science by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, and are taught in the West by his senior disciple, Master Stephen Co. This system is called Pranic Healing.