#What Is a Near Death Experience by Dr. Penny Sartori

#What Is a Near Death Experience? Is a wonderfully informative new book by Dr. Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences. It is part of the new series, #WhatIs, from Watkins Publishing. Written in a Q and A format, and loaded with case studies, this latest volume is densely packed with research about the incidence and types of NDEs, as well as thoughtful reflections about what they may mean for each individual, their families and for the world.

As the author relates, she first grew interested in NDEs while working as a nurse, and later went on to study the topic and gain her PhD in the field. From initial skepticism, Dr. Sartori grew to believe that NDEs, and related phenomena such as out of body experiences and death bed visions, offered new potential for wisdom, spirituality, peace, and more. Her insights, and those of the patients, family members, celebrities and others mentioned in the case studies seem to bear this out: people report no longer fearing death, gaining a sense that we are all connected, reviewing their lives and becoming “better” people, and more.

The arrival of #What Is a Near Death Experience? is timely. Recent bestsellers from authors such as Raymond Moody and Eben Alexander, point to a clear interest in the topic and hopefully a greater acceptance for those who have had these experiences. Dr. Sartori’s contribution to the field goes a long way toward aiding that effort and makes for great reading.

review by Cheryl Shainmark