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Sahar HuneidiSahar Huneidi is a professional intuitive, a Spiritual LifeCoaching columnist for Prediction Magazine (the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK, established in 1936), and publisher of a holistic Internet resource. Sahar launched the first dedicated podcasting service on spiritual and psychic matters, and well-being, attracting over 50,000 subscribers world-wide to date. She lives and works in London.

Sahar has been named (twice) among the Best 100 Psychics in Psychic Yellow Pages by Hans Holzer, Citadel Press, NY. She is a direct descendant of a line of Sufis that dates back 800 years to Master Abdul-Kader Al-Jilani, author of The Secret of Secrets. Her late grandfather, Yacoub Al-Ghussein, also a spiritualist, is the last to uphold AI Tarika, or ‘the way’ of his Sufi lineage.

In this Podcast Sahar discusses with Merryn Jose, her book, “Your Future in a Coffee Cup”, her busy life as a psychic, and her plans for the future.

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A former student of Merryn Jose, Sahar is accredited as a professional intuitive, “one of the best 100 psychics in the world”. She is a qualified Holistic Counselor, balancing body, emotions & mind; and is The Life Coach columnist for New You Magazine. She teaches her own course on personal resilience entitled: Ketheric Well-Being, A Journey to Self-Awakening, She also publishes the online PS Magazine, and is the author of Your Fortune in a Coffee Cup.