Michael Joseph: All You Need Is L.O.V.E.

***image1***Michael Josephis not a professional medium, but he has been blessed with the unique ability to channel the voices of particular individuals. He has long had a strong affinity with Diana, and in this astonishing book he gives the world the gift of her words.

For a while now I have been road-testing – or should I say flight-testing? – an interdimensional Light – Operated Vehicle of Exploration [l.o.v.e.] which is oval in shape, approximately ten feet high, can only be entered by its owner, can travel anywhere on Earth, through Space, from dimension to dimension, is impervious to oncoming ‘solid’ bodies and to extremes of temperature, and also to negative thoughts, disruptive influences, rays and wave-forms of every kind.

I didn’t have to build this superlative vehicle, I simply found myself in it one night, while half-awake and half-asleep. The moment I did so, certain things became clear:

I realised that we all have one; it’s just that manypeoplehaven’t stumbled on theirs [the way I recentlydid]because they have no idea that it exists and,moreimportantly, what it signifies:

weare ALL potential sky-walkers and dimensionjumpers!

wehave all been issued with a free pass to Infinity;and, needless to say, this huge privilege carries withitcertain responsibilities:

never invade other people’s space; never attempt to control, manipulate, exploit or harm them; respect their existence just as you would expect them to respect yours; use your personal vehicle for the very highest purpose for which it was designed – for the good of all.

Maybe, having rediscovered our l.o.v.e., we should invoke that all those who are still working against Earth and mankind should rediscover theirs – then respectfully enter them, take off and fly away from subterfuge, the harming of others [and the self-destruction that so often results] at warp speed.

See you around the galaxy some time?!J

(c) Michael Joseph.London, UK2004

Michael’s latest book, Love from Diana [Magus], written with the late Princess of Wales, has just been published in the UK. An American edition is now being planned. As for his partnership with Princess Diana, Michael says: “Quite simply, this is has been the most amazing experience, and the greatest privilege, of my life. What she has to tell us could turn out to be the best news the human race has ever received. . . And what she says about her own ‘death’ is absolutely sensational.”

He is also pre-producing three videos which he hopes will result in young people soon becoming the first subject in their own education. “It’ll be the most exciting subject in the entire curriculum,” he says. “No more fear, no more humiliation, no more bullying and aggression either. And the keynote of this thing is laughter!”

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by Michael Joseph
is an English author who has been exploring spiritual matters for some forty years. He spent most of the 1990s commuting between California and London, developing eight screenplays designed to celebrate our recent entry into the Third Millennium - “the gateway to Infinity,” as he calls it.