Myths & Magic of A Spiritual Life – Part 2

The Making of The Future

What prompted me to write this article are the numerous enquiries, feedback and questions I have received concerning the role of a psychic, and how does one benefit from having a psychic reading.

I must stress that from my perspective and long experience, the primary role of a psychic is not to foretell your future, but to offer guidance and to help you achieve that future and fulfil your, potential. This is made possible by removing obstacles in your path and also by transmuting any negative patterns in your behaviour, thereby empowering you to develop to your full potential. The idea is to make you aware of how to create a positive future.

Above all, please remember:

You have self-will, and no one knows the future but you!

Personally, the intention of my psychic readings is to provide you with help and guidance from a spiritual or “soul” level. My readings are therefore not restricted or limited to having a predictive nature. My focus is on assisting you, in your life’s journey. In this way you will have the power to co-create the future you desire by unfolding and focusing on your personal/spiritual development, and ‘homework’ is one of the necessary tools to achieving this development!

You know your future! People generally go to see someone to tell them what to do, not realising that they make their own future, and nothing is preordained. We all do know the future. It is the ‘divine’ part of our self, the higher self, the higher consciousness, that knows. Some of us are aware of it more than others. If you are psychic/intuitive, you are aware of it, you work on your intuition and you develop it, and you get to know your future.

I believe all of us have ourselves but we also have a wiser part, what some refer to as higher self. And the higher self knows the future. We experience it when we have a feeling or a premonition that we should do something, or not do it. It is that part that knows the future- or connected to the spirit dimension. Sometimes you connect with that on a subconscious level when you dream: because then the logical side of the brain is not in control, and you allow intuitive information to come through. Effectively, that is what dreams are. You are connecting with your intuitive self, to receive information that is useful to you from a ‘higher place’.

Note: the future which is “known” is not preordained, but the likely future that you are meant to find — if you act in accordance with your true destiny, or blue print. NOTHING is inevitable — we have free will.

The Making of the Future

When a client is coming to see me for the first time, specially if it is their first visit to a psychic; I explain to them that what we will see today is a product of what and who you are today, how you feel about life and what beliefs you hold today and, how you conduct yourself from day to day.

If you change certain beliefs, then your life or future will change and so would the reading the next time. I always explain that what a psychic sees is only their probable future because they always have the ability to choose different outcomes: free will.

If for example the question is about marriage, then if you decide to marry this particular person your life together will be like so; as the future is an extension of what the present state of mind is. If however you decide to wait for the next train then you are creating a different outcome, and life would turn out that way. That is probable future. It is not a good idea for a psychic to give his or her opinions, because the objective is to get the client to make their own choices and take control of their life, not to take their self will away.

How you make the future is as simple as the choices you make on daily basis

Whether you decide to go lunch with some people or not, whether you decide to learn something new or not it is those little decisions that make up the big picture we do have choices in everything we do. If you are aware of your life and where it is leading to, you become more and more aware of the choices you make. True, there is an element of the unknown in every choice we make. But think of it as an open computer program. Every outcome depends on every loop or step you make. So the final outcome depends on the series of little steps. So if you are in charge of the small steps, then you know for sure that the big outcome is going to be in your favour.

What You Resist- Persists

If you resist that idea of change or resist making conscious changes (homework) and for example, remain stuck in a negative relationship then that is what the out come will be, unless you realise that you can take decisions that change your life now and therefore alter your future.

It is like cooking something: the outcome depends on what ingredients you put into it. If you know you’re doing everything to a recipe (or set of life-tools), and using the right ingredients, then you are going to end up with what you set out to do.

Tools for Implementing Changes

New clients are often surprised that as a psychic I dishing out ‘homework’. Effectively, it is a set of tools to help you dissolve an obstacle, or unblock an area to achieve a balanced life once more.

It is in this balanced state that changes unfold in a harmonious (without drama) and timely manner.

These tools or suggestions vary from the ridiculous to the sublime, according to what your soul needs at the time. It can be mundane nature, for example start a hobby, start a journal, write your dreams, or of a deeper nature such as taking courses etc.

Each task, no matter how silly or profound it may seem, will work and affect a different area within your mind frame; helping you to learn new attitudes and enable you to make new changes. So please work at putting them into action now- you will understand the reasons why later!

Why some predictions will manifest and others won’t

If you do not take action, then nothing will change. By the same token, as you create new action paths for yourself, you are effectively creating a different future, and some previously predicted changes might not occur as you are in a sense writing a new future. We, whether consciously or subconsciously, create the patterns in our lives and beliefs in our minds, which shape the present and therefore influence the future.

Analysis of the past does not change anything unless we understand consciously what patterns and beliefs caused us to arrived at such situations or a juncture in our life.

Negative patterns, unbalanced emotional states and outdated beliefs can be the cause of an unsatisfactory state. Where you are unhappy with the current state of affairs, you have to acknowledge that nothing will change unless you address and modify the behaviour that caused the in the first place. Winning the lottery is rarely a realistic solution to your problems, altering the way you think and behave may be.

You also need to be realistic about your life situation, or realistic in setting goals — make the best of your life. For example, ask yourself: have I done the best today under the current situation? If the answer is no, then tomorrow do more a little more, don’t create fantasy desires or goals that would leave you disappointed and more negative.

It takes a while for your mind to accept new beliefs and for positive patterns to establish themselves as second nature, particularly if previous unconstructive ones have been established for a longer time!

Such “blocks” may be the reason why certain predictions or changes do not happen when you expect them. Therefore before you seek another psychic reading, hoping that you might be told a different future, work on becoming more aware of what your negative patterns and outdated beliefs are, above all keep your emotional state in check. In other words stay in your centre: stay alert; acknowledge what you feel but try not to analyse. It may not be a case of finding a “better” psychic, but of removing the blocks you have created to deny you your true destiny in life.

Create a list of all suggestions made from the reading, use your notes to start any homework and track any changes. This way you will become conscious of the future that you are participating in co-creating.

Finally, keep in mind three principles:

What you resist persists: give up negative beliefs (I will never have a better job, a loving partner. etc.) and create new ones! Energy flows where intention goes: nothing will change until you allow, intend and make room for that change to take place. Be kind to yourself, before you are to others: make the best of your day, each day as of today.

© Psychic Sahar, London 2003

by Sahar Huneidi
Sahar is a professional intuitive who lives in London and offers online readings, healing and dream interpretation via email. She was also student of Merryn when she was lived in London- UK.