New Years Letter from Michael Brown: Completion, Transformation, Transition – Part 2

So these have been some of the key frequencies flowing through 2006. And whether we responded or reacted to them determined how often we exclaimed “Ayissh!”, and in what tone of voice. Let us now turn our attention to 2007 and the frequency of the numbers within this date.

2 (action — no outer rest) + 00 (two zeros meaning ongoing surges of activity from our inner Source) + 7 (the vibrational body frequency) = 9 (completion, transformation, and transition).

2007 is going to be a year in which it is recommended that we get out of bed each morning and immediately exclaim “Ayissh!” regardless of what is happening. The roller coaster that started moving down the slope at the beginning of 2006 has not only picked up momentum, but it is now entering the sharp turns, flipping us upside down, inside out, and any which way except “the expected”. More outer activity will unfold for us individually within 2007 than in the past six or seven years put together.

Time is not speeding up, although this appears to be what is happening.

the creative activity possible within each moment is increasing exponentially.

Our only choice now is to reactively run from this predicament by attempting to sedate and control our experience of it, or run consciously with it by taking responsible measures to embrace the mounting impetus. Very few individuals around us will be on hand to instruct us on how to navigate our experience of this growing momentum because most people will have their hands full navigating their own “Ayissh” encounters. This is why the most important act of responsibility we can incorporate into our experience now is to embrace a daily practice, at the beginning and ending of each day, intended to nurture our relationship with silence, stillness, and emptiness. This alone is our salvation from the potentially crippling stress that manifests when consciousness enters the final straight of an evolutionary procedure.

Let us consider some of the frequencies and experiential possibilities inherent within the numbers of 2+0+0+7=9:

1. ACTIVITY: The only place of rest that is available this year is found internally. The outer world, including the geophysical conditions of our planet and the solar activity of our sun, enters unexpected rhythms of intensified activity. “Completion” is always about letting go, pulling apart, and making unexpected adjustments. During 2007 it is recommended we do not waste any time or energy flogging dead horses; this will only add unnecessary activity to an already “activated” world experience. Our physical, mental, and emotional experiences are shifting rapidly and we either allow this or buckle under it. It’s all good! A useful metaphor to keep in mind during 2007 is that if a person unaware of the situation came across a woman in the midst of childbirth the picture greeting them may appear to be of someone in a death-throw. Yet, it is not, it is the convulsions of new life.

2. CONFLICT: Because many aspects within our human family can see no more then their “five-year-plan for success and happiness”, or have their awareness all-encompassed by archaic religiously-driven apocalyptic delusions, we can expect increasing conflict in 2007. These fantasies are what many of us are attending to and so conflict is what must manifest to dismantle these cultural illusions. Conflict always births within a resistance to change. Conflict in and of itself is Grace in disguise; it eats up all that cannot and will not change. Do not join in the conflict for it will devour you. Do not take sides whether in personal relationships, religious perspectives, political debates, or commercial intents. Taking sides is fatal and is meant to be. There are no sides in the circle in which Unity-Consciousness holds its sacred prayer for the evolution of humanity. If we are in conflict we must seek out tools to accomplish internal resolution. We will be assisted from unexpected and as yet unseen quarters if our intent is to accomplish authentic peace for all humanity through our own example of first accomplishing this frequency within ourselves.

STILLNESS, SILENCE, & EMPTINESS: It is now imperative to embrace any practice that moves our attention toward this trinity and to make these practices sacred to us. One of the frequencies of 2007 is that an awareness of our vibrational (spiritual) body is going to be surfacing within our day-to-day life experience. The paradox is that amidst the seeming outer chaos this growing impulse offers increasing inner calm and quiet. It is our refuge. It is the overall intent of 2007 that we commence 2008 with our vibrational body restored to the throne as the absolute causal point of our overall physical, mental, and emotional experience. In other words, Spirit is about to surface like a forgotten Presence wading out of the oceans of this phenomenal world to take its place as the ruler of all life. This shift entails a complete reversal of awareness for those of us who still behave as if the physical world is the causal point of our experience. This shift also defies our understanding – our mental body’s reign over our experience – as well as our desire to use our emotional body as a tool to manifest the illusionary state called “happiness”. We now have to realize once and for all that joy is “not an emotional state that causes us to feel good”, but that it is “a conscious relationship we establish with our emotional body in which we embrace all emotional states as a means to perceive different communications coming from the vibrational body”.

4. 2007 is the year of “embracing a daily vibrational practice ” NO MATTER WHAT”. This one singular response in our daily activity to the frequency of 2007 is our salvation from much unnecessary suffering, discomfort, and conflict. “No matter what” means we embrace our vibrational practice “no matter how the material world behaves around us”. The only way to authentically resurrect a conscious awareness of our Spirit within the experience of matter — which is the overall intent of 2007 – is by applying ourselves to our chosen spiritual practice despite the unpredictable behavior of the material world, our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. To establish a conscious awareness of our vibrational body within our energy field during the course of 2007 is straightforward: It requires 90 days of daily, uninterrupted vibrational/spiritual practice. It does not matter what our spiritual practice is or how long we attend to it each day, because all vibrational/spiritual practices have the same intent: To awaken the awareness of our vibrational body as the causal point of our experience while we are in the material, mental, and emotional worlds. There is no right or wrong practice; there is only the vibrational practice sacred to us. No one can tell us what the correct daily practice is for us; it is the one that resonates intimately with us, not the one we are told by someone else that we should be doing. The most important aspect of our practice is CONSISTENCY. If we can attend to our chosen practice every morning and every night for a continuous period of 90 days during 2007, without a single day’s break in our routine (our “route in”), we successfully activate vibrational body awareness within our energy field and open a portal within our emotional body for this awareness to nourish our mental capacities and physical circumstances. We must not approach this task to accomplish “an experience”. On completion, we will know we have successfully accomplished this task whether we can explain it to ourselves or not. It also does not matter now how much time we have already spent or how regularly we have attended to our vibrational practices in the past; the past, all of it, has been a rehearsal for 2007. The rehearsal is now over. We now have an opening of 365 days in which to place our 90 day commitment to establishing vibrational body awareness. Be aware that once we set this intent and begin to carry it out, “matter” will seemingly conspire to confuse, distract, dissuade, and overwhelm us. It will give us an arsenal of excuses and justifications to quit the challenge. Matter will test our metal because it is supposed to strengthen our resolve. The internal vibrational battle we will encounter with our physical, mental, and emotional experiences throughout this chosen 90 day period is “the apocalypse”. This is the real meaning of Jihad. Once we commit to attending to our morning and evening spiritual practice for 90 days with the intent to restore the voice of our Spirit beyond our unconscious addictions to matter, we enter a battle unlike any we have ever waged. Everyone is now deliberately placed in the perfect circumstances to advance in this quest: We have all consciously and unconsciously located ourselves within the exact physical, mental, and emotional circumstances, that when overcome, equip us with the required strength and will be necessary to awaken as Universal Beings of impeccable authenticity, unquestionable integrity, capable of profound intimacy with all life. If we undertake this task for any reason other than “for personal evolution”, if we carry out this task as a public display in any way, if we do not confine it to the privacy and sacredness of our inner body-temples, we will not succeed. In many ways failure at this task will be its own success; it will reveal most lucidly where we are weak in our resolve to honor our Spirits above and beyond the tides and cycles of matter. Then we are even better equipped to approach the task again. But no matter what, this task must be carried out as a response not a reaction. It is also up to us to state the amount of time we are prepared to sacrifice each morning and evening to accomplish to honor our authentic essence. If it is a commitment to sitting in stillness and silence for 15 minutes twice a day, then so be it. If it is a commitment to meditating on a chosen mantra for 20 minutes twice a day, then so be it. If it is a commitment to sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day and listening to the sounds of silence within, then so be it. The nature of the practice is secondary to our commitment to it. However, when elected, this is what we must carry out without missing a day for 90 days. If we miss a day, we are to start from the beginning. No one will judge us or our level of commitment to this intent. No one will reward our efforts. No one must even know we are doing this other than the observer within our heart-space. The Universe is watching, unseen, invisible, and very optimistic. To set upon this task in the name of authenticity, integrity, and intimacy during the course of 2007 is a tangible and doable way of initiating our ascension into vibrational body awareness. The divine intelligence within the Universe will accomplish the rest on our behalf. Consistency must be our rudder and faith the wind in our sails.

COMPLETION: Do not be afraid of “endings” in 2007. Every ending is a birth point, so welcome any and all completion-experience. 2007 is the year of “cleaning the slate”. We now let go of mindless habits, self-destructive addictions, unconscious routines that no longer serve us, inauthentic relationships that have played themselves out, work situations that are stagnant, and the childish ideas and “dreams” that have driven us for who knows how long? Let them all go. We do not really have a choice in the matter; there are aspects of our experience that will move with us into 2008 and there are those that cannot because they are illusionary reflections of unintegrated past experiences. Integrate and let go. Embrace and efface. Nothing is lost by letting go, but devastation may be the price for holding on. One of the hardest attributes of our human experience to relinquish at this time is our religious beliefs. God is not what we think God is and therefore our Messiahs, Prophets, Saviors, and Gurus are also not who we have allowed ourselves to believe they are. They are more than any religious organization, dogma, or scripture has the capacity to contain. As our awareness begins to embrace vibrational consciousness we are asked to simultaneously allow our out-dated physically, mentally, and emotionally-driven belief systems to perish. They are stairways intended to lift us up, to be moved beyond, but not camped upon. Expect conflict to arise amidst fundamentalist groups insistent on preserving their perceptions of their religious ideology as “the only way”. Such communities are in for a shock when they discover that “to enter Always requires being open to all ways”. In this same light, in 2007, we witness the fall of political/industrial/military powers previously considered indefinitely entrenched. The increasing vibrational body frequencies now render humans parading themselves publicly to be transparent to all; the truth about individual and collective agendas can no longer be hidden no matter the proficiency of the “spin”. “Spinning” now only causes embarrassment. Only the ignorant will believe the arrogant and together they will ignite the conflict of consequence intended to sweep away their pterodactyl mentality. It is also very important that when we perceive moments of completion taking place within our experience that we give these encounters our fullest attention – a Presence infused with gratitude. Everything that is now entering completion carried us to this point and can take us no further. Be grateful for such assistance for it has all been a gift of Grace. TRANSFORMATION & TRANSITION: Because of the impact of our vibrational body on the frequency of 2007 we are to be blessed with increasing experiences that we may consider “miraculous”. Prepare for a feast of “no order of difficulty” in all matters of human endeavor. We will experience transformation within ourselves and our world experience that we may even feel we do not deserve. Be humble but do not be unnecessarily naive; we have traveled countless lifetimes in many forms through many experiences to arrive “here and now”. We deserve to be here NOW and to consciously experience an evolutionary leap in humanity that has the same impact on us as the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, and the harnessing of electricity. Every experience we have ever had has served to navigate us into this moment. Even though it may appear as if the outer world is falling to pieces, what is really unfolding is that the outer world is adjusting to reflect a transformation and transition unfolding within us. Allow, embrace, and celebrate the shifts. Embrace “Full Participation”: We can assist the physical body through this transition by embracing “detoxing” as a way of life throughout 2007. We can assist the mental body through this transition by not expecting it to “understand” what is happening; it does not have the capacity to comprehend vibrational body awareness. “Trying to understand” only causes stress and severely impacts the physical body. We can assist the emotional body during this transition by paying immediate attention to any situation in which an emotional upset is triggered, and by “resolving to resolve” the unintegrated emotional blockages that are being outwardly reflected in our current experience as “upsets”. In truth there are no upsets, there are only “set ups”. As already recommended, but something that cannot be overstated, we greatly assist restoring the vibrational body as the causal point of our human experience by attending to practices that nurture stillness, silence, and emptiness. In other words, we are to now participate consciously in our evolutionary shift so that the transformation and inevitable transition are accomplished as gently and compassionately as possible. Evolution of a species is not an easy ride, and much of it will feel far from “good”, but it is made more comfortable through “full participation”.

What enables us to experience a sense of inner peace within these often puzzling outer circumstances is if we can “know” it is meant to happen — that our collective human experience is indeed being intimately and divinely orchestrated. If you have not yet seen the DVD by the Late Ian Xel Lungold called The Mayan Calendar, also called The Evolution Part I & II, I strongly suggest you click onto the link below and order it for yourself. Watch it a couple of times and experience “the shift”.

This is a profound and integrative presentation on the evolution of our human family. It is literally a “mind-blowing” confirmation (an experience we can all benefit from) that we are indeed on a deliberate evolutionary schedule. Start 2007 by giving yourself this level of clarity and confirmation. For those of you willing to watch this presentation online, there are three different videos of Ian’s evolutionary presentation available on Google Video at the following internet address:

As we enter 2007 it will become increasingly evident that we are on a magnificent journey beyond the limitations of our current belief systems into a paradigm of infinite possibility. Do not let depressed, confused, pessimistic, cynical, and apocalyptic-minded individuals and groups pollute a vision that the future of humanity is blessed by forces greater than any political agenda, religious superstition, or nuclear arsenal. Trade in physical discomfort, mental confusion, and emotional imbalance for daily vibrational practice — no matter what. Do whatever it takes to enter and become comfortable within the stillness, silence, and seeming emptiness of the sacred human body-temple, for this is the vehicle deliberately evolved by Grace to transport us beyond the limitations of the phenomenal world into the infinite possibilities of the vibrational realm.

2007 is more significant than mere words can express. Only actions driven by a dedication to accomplish authenticity, integrity, and intimacy will “appreciate” such a great opportunity as is gifted to us within this period of time. Words fail hopelessly when attempting to convey the profound gift of being in human form at this juncture of our individual and collective evolutionary experience.

From the center of my heart I offer you and your loved ones these words of insight, encouragement, and inspiration for 2007 and beyond.

Kindest regards,





Part 1

by Michael Brown
In the late 90s Michael began to chart a methodical pathway into present moment awareness with intent to develop a practical procedure that anyone, anywhere, could follow to initiate this experience for themselves. This procedure became known as The Presence Process. In 2002 Michael returned to South Africa and invited others to experience this inner journey. He discovered that as others embraced present moment awareness they too automatically experienced release from physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, including psychological disorders and addictions. To make this journey accessible to everyone Michael wrote The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness.