New Start, by Sahar Huneidi

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, January 07 Issue, page 51

Each New Year brings a promise of better opportunities, and we find our selves inclined to make new resolutions to ‘fix’ what ever we did not the previous year.

This year, I am would like to suggest that you ‘modify’ aspects you wish you change; rather than impose another resolution that you may not fulfil.

This is because of two spiritual principles or ‘laws’: the first is whatever you resist persists, and the second to every action there is an equal an opposite reaction!

So if it pounds you want to shed, or an old habit you would like to quite, your better option is to ‘communicate’ with your problems in attempt to understand why you have them, and then ‘coax’ them to leave, rather than order them.

This is because these issues present an opportunity for the soul to understand why and how we ‘created’ them in the first place; and once we do, they start to disappear. In my experience, the soul, if you like, responds to a ‘dialogue’ where you and your higher (or lower) self are engaged and are in agreement.

This way, the solution stems form soul-aspects coordinating the solution; rather from a defragmented approach where one aspect, say the conscious, wants to change something, whereas the subconscious, or the go, are not addressed and therefore will not engage in this process.

Also, when we embark on a resolution with determination and vigour, we are essentially putting out such energy, that other aspects of the soul, (conscious or unconscious) will put out an equal force of resistance. This is what I refer to as the ‘pendulum effect’ when I explain the process of change to my clients.

It is sort of like making a decision to start a diet the following day, when you only find yourself craving food item you ought not to have; whereas, if the process of dieting was a gradual one, the resistance would be less. Your goal might take longer to achieve but your path will be a smoother more harmonious one.

Soul dialogue is easier than you think. Just find a quiet moment, sit down and start writing, about 100 words, around the issue that you wish to change. The process of writing has to be ‘stream of consciousness’, which is without analysing what you are writing, and without stopping; just write, or type, what pops up in your mind when you think of that of issue.

Two processes take place when write, the first, you allow yourself to ‘bypass’ conscious thoughts or beliefs and analysis around the subject matter, and will tap directly into the deeper level engaging underlying beliefs and unlocking some answers. The other, just as when we look into a mirror to see how we have changed, when we write the brain ‘sees’ what’s on our mind.

Effectively, we are acknowledging the issue we want to change, and also addressing it by writing about it; and this allowing our brain to come forward with answers or a plan to help us make that change.

Pointers to Future Change

Make a list of changes you would like to make Accept that they represent lessons or opportunity for soul growth. Address one issue at a time; by writing about it until you feel satisfied you have cracked underlying the foundation. Once achieved then tackle the next.

Note that quote

I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become – Carl Jung

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by Sahar Huneidi
Editor of Sahar is a professional intuitive, columnist, for Prediction & Sharq magazines in the UK, a writer and podcaster. Her first book, "Your Future in A Coffee Cup, The Art of Divining with Coffee Grounds", was published May 07.