Peace and Where to Find It

Peace and Where to Find It is a slim gem, packed with insight and wisdom. For fans of Eckhart Tolle, Peace takes up where Tolle’s The Power of Now leaves off, (and, in fact, Eckhart Tolle wrote the introduction for this book), but it’s not necessary to have read one to enjoy the other. The author, Christopher Papadopoulos, has clearly walked the walk, done the work, and come back to share his transformative experience with us.

Written in a Q and A format, this book is filled with anecdotes, gentle suggestions and lively examples, all designed to help the reader deepen their practice of inner awareness and staying in the present moment. We learn that we can control our reactions to problems, challenges, or sources of unhappiness, and that we don’t have to identify with the fluctuating emotions or inner voice that usually controls us. By cultivating inner awareness, we can choose to feel peaceful instead and to realize that our natural state of being is a pure, peaceful consciousness. This, in turn, paves the way for the higher emotions to prevail: peace, joy, and love.

Staying in the “Now” has been a hot topic in recent years, but Mr. Papadopoulos brings a breath of fresh air to it and finds new ways to engage the reader and encourage true progress in developing one’s own practice. Peace and Where to Find It brings real rewards and, if we follow the reasoning that individual peace leads to world peace, what better place to start than here?

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review by Cheryl Shainmark