Diamond Meditation by Peter Gruenewald, MD

Dr. Gruenewald has produced a guided meditation (audio), which is a spiritual and holistic approach to SUCCESS. The audio recording has multiple longterm benefits for the listener, particularly when the meditation is practiced daily for a few weeks.

Diamond Meditation can help you achieving your full potential in life and to connect to your higher self, your inner source of abundant success in all areas of your life. Listening to the Diamond Meditation daily for 6 weeks may improve your stress tolerance, reduce stress and anxiety,  improve mood and and help build your self-esteem.

You may gain insight into yourself and your life situation, clear obstacles for health and positive development and empower yourself to take the right actions and make the most appropriate life changes permanently and with ease. The transformative effect of listening to the Diamond Meditation is enhanced by brainwave entrainment technology that increases brain activity in the Gamma range (40 Hz) to assist emotion regulation, high focus, deep relaxation and recovery.

Physiological and psychological effects of relaxation:

Physical and psychological relaxation goes hand in hand with an activation of your parasympathetic (autonomic) nervous system, that is responsible for regeneration and recovery, for example during rest and sleep. During this meditation you may develop a physiologically balancing state of focused relaxation. Herein lies one of its important therapeutic effects.


Peter Gruenewald-2019 in London. © Nick  Gregan

Dr Peter Gruenewald, MD is an Integrated Physician and General Practitioner in the NHS and and in private practice (London). He is an expert trainer in Stress Management and Adaptive Resilience. He is works as Clinical Specialist in Behavioural Sleep Medicine and General medicine (Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia Services) at RLHIM/UCLH and as Associate Fellow at Said Business School, Oxford University. He is author of the book The Quiet Heart. Putting Stress into its Place. (2007) He has also developed a mobile app, Resony, for stress management and resilience. (2020)