Planetary Healing Through the Song of the Feminine by Dr. Sharon Ufberg, D.C.

Sacred AlchemyImagine this… you are immersed in a song that sounds so familiar, that calls you home, that touches your heart and you start to remember who you really are…. This is the intention of a new CD by Devaa Haley Mitchell aptly named, Sacred Alchemy. This music gives you an experience, through the senses, so you can feel what it means to embrace the goddess within. Devaa Haley Mitchell gives us access to our sacred feminine selves by sharing several interpretations of the goddess through her musical arrangements and vocal expressions.

For millennia we in the West have lived a value system dominated by masculine attributes…those parts of ourselves that separates from the whole to understand the parts that uses logic of the mind instead of the heart and values individual rights over community. We have benefited and learned from this exploration, but we have lost something else… the balance of masculine perspective with feminine way of being in the world.

We all need to reclaim, live and value the feminine. But how do we this? How do we live more from the relational and connective life qualities such as compassion, patience, introspection, creativity and receptivity, which bring us value and meaning? Where do we start?

We can do it through song.

While Devaa Haley Mitchell was studying for her doctorate in Ministry, the question that was posed to her was, “what is your ministry in the world?” It is clear that Devaa’s ministry is around music. She says that music was the way she first connected to Spirit. Although she never pursued music seriously in her childhood she always loved music, but was told since she would never sing on Broadway she should not bother.

Years later, while in India, Devaa was introduced to sacred music and chanting and found that it opened up her entire being to Spirit. She describes her mind calming, allowing her to go into ecstatic states. For Devaa, the chanting was way easier than sitting on her meditation cushion- she would do these ancient chants and her Spirit would just start to open. She started exploring it a bit more, and began doing chanting as part of her own personal practice and then started doing it with groups.

Devaa Haley Mitchell The 13 moon Mystery School is a sacred feminine lineage that Devaa has embraced as part of her life and work. There, she studies with Ariel Spilsbury and incorporates music as an important element of her practice. Accessible music for all people became a natural way for Devaa to crystallize her impression and interpretations of the 13 sacred feminine archetypes. Choosing one goddess for each of the archetypes and creating music that has the resonance and feeling of that archetype made perfect sense. Devaa became committed to making music to go out into the world as a portal or introduction to the sacred feminine. Creating large archetypal experiences where there is a combination of music and dancing and colors and light and incense is part of Devaa’s bigger vision. An experience where transmission is possible and an ambience that allows people to be fully present and experience and embrace a specific sacred feminine archetype.

This music is shared as part of a journey where people open themselves up through the songs. The frequency of sound and music becomes an experiential fast track. The sacred feminine archetypes are a roadmap for people to explore different aspects of themselves. Devaa’s music provides one way of accessing those diverse sides.

Each song is a personal journey for Devaa. She sees that there is a hunger in people for this music as different songs awaken different people.

The Pele song for example references the Wild Woman archetype, tribal and drumming. Devaa sings this one with a Hawaiian woman. In an attempt to honor the indigenous culture of the goddess Pele, Devaa invited Alva Kaipoleimanu Kamalani to join her in this particular song. On a very short visit to Hawaii, Alva Kaipoleimanu who teaches hula and works tirelessly to preserve the Hawaiian culture emerged as the perfect partner for Devaa in Hawaii. She chants a very potent chant, wrote some of the Hawaiian verses and plays the drum on the track. Together they came up with a song that honors the Hawaiian culture and tradition while being accessible to all women.

When asked about her journey to the sacred feminine, Devaa says,

“I grew up in a very goal-oriented family where we were celebrated for our achievements. Following in my father’s footsteps, I went to Stanford University for undergrad and my Masters degree. I landed as a management consultant in a prestigious firm. But I found myself disillusioned and always felt that there must be more out there. Though I had achieved a lot, I was not very satisfied. I went on a long spiritual quest, and a significant part of the spiritual quest for me was really reclaiming the feminine and beginning to explore what the feminine might look like in leadership, in spirituality and in the world.”

The feminine aspect was what was missing in Devaa’s life and when she looks around she is still figuring out with her friends how to reclaim and integrate and be nourished by those very feminine aspects of ourselves.

Devaa Haley MitchellBeing feminine is not just about pink bows and ribbons, it’s about a full-spectrum expression that includes the still receptive aspects, the sexy Aphrodite, the wild woman, and the parts that can be very fierce.

Before diving deep into these archetypes, Devaa describes herself as, “living a very narrow band width of feminine expression.” Like Devaa, many women have a powerful desire to live a bigger, more fulfilling life. They are looking to open up into a whole spectrum of colors and aspects of their sacred feminine.

Opening up to this creative energy is what makes us passionate and loving and feeling free and alive. Devaa’s music is one way to open the door to some of that bounty.

For more on Sacred Alchemy by Devaa Haley, including track samples, please visit Devaa Haley Mitchell is a spiritual guide, public speaker and musician, offering devotional music and Soulful Women programs to support the feminine awakening of our planet. She co-founded and hosts the Inspiring Women Summit, a virtual gathering of more than 53,000 participants from 160 countries.

For the past 19 years she has studied and experienced many systems of personal growth and spiritual development and is an ordained interfaith minister. She recently launched her first CD, Sacred Alchemy, an album designed to reawaken and liberate the many dimensions of the sacred feminine. Please visit for additional information.

by Dr. Sharon Ufberg, D.C.
Dr. Ufberg hosts Wednesday Wellness Wakeup on KVON/KVYN radio and Alive and Kicking on NPR’s 51% radio. She is the health and wellness editor for Napa Valley Life Magazine and currently blogs and posts articles, interviews and commentary for Huffington Post, WomenEnews, Womens Media Center, Genders Across Borders, and She is an active advocate to empower women and men to take responsibility for their own health care and wellness. Dr. Ufberg is a seasoned international leader and activist in the areas of women’s health and safety, economic self sufficiency, domestic violence and human trafficking. She is a delegate to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. Please visit or follow her at www.twitter/