Qi Summit: Open Your Heart, Be the Change

The Chi Center Presents a Day of Healing, Rejuvenation, and Celebration with Mingtong Gu and Guests

OpenYour Heart, Be the Change Qi Summit 2012-2013

Live & Online Event March 3rd, 2013, 11am – 6pm Craneway Pavillion, Pt Richmond, CA

Dedicating and celebrating the practice of the heart to global transformation. I magine what your world would be like if you lived each day with an Open Heart…

“Open your heart, ignite the flame in your being and awaken the natural flow of life energy in your heart. When your heart opens, the world around you changes”. ~ Master Mingtong Gu

Live Event, In Person or Online Live Stream

We envision 500+ gathering though local and online community for an open heart dedication, practice and celebration. The time to manifest your heart vision is now and together we can be the change!


Workshop Training:

Learn from Master Gu the Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings and practices of movement, meditation, and visualization for opening the heart. He will share these deeply fulfilling and energizing spiritual practices that keep you grounded, present and centered amidst the pressures and challenges of modern life. Together we empower ourselves as true healers.

Special Guests:

Stephen Dinan, Barbara Marx Hubard (video apperance), Jennifer Berezan, Patricia Ellsberg and others. Our Guest Presenter’s Bios: To Read, Click Here

Dedication Ceremony

In this large collective chi field we will honor and dedicate our Open Your Heart Pledges to the healing of ourselves and our world in all aspects: health, relationship, community, workplace and environment.

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by Staff