Qigong Meets Quantum Physics by Imke Bock-Mobius

Qigong meets Quantum Physics is a wonderful integration of the various principles of qigong, mysticism, and the natural sciences. In the best Daoist tradition, Bock-Mobius has surmounted the duality of any discussion of religion (or philosophy) and science, and outlined her compelling vision of how it all comes together. Readers of all stripes will find that this lucidly written volume really enhances their understanding of qigong, quantum physics, and more.

That the author is talented is all of these areas is apparent from page one. A physicist by training, Bock-Mobius took ill while in China several years ago, and was cured by the application of qigong. This experience led her to study Chinese and Qigong, and to view her work in the sciences in a different manner. Her wonderful descriptions and explanations of the various principles involved are stunning in their simplicity and clarity, and reward reading again. Qigong Meets Quantum Physics is a must read for anyone seeking wholeness: those who practice qigong will find that they approach the stances with a fresh eye, while those who ponder the mystical and the cosmological will find that veils of separation are a little thinner.

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Imke Bock-Möbius holds a Ph. D. in physics, worked in China and began active qigong training; back home she studied Chinese language and philosophy. Experienced in other forms of energy and light work, she resides in southern Germany where she teaches qigong, practices shiatsu, and gives lectures at both academic and popular venues.



review by Cheryl Shainmark
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