Restaurant Review by Heather Flournoy

***image1***Bonobo’s Restaurant in NYC at 18 E. 23rd Street was a great recent find! We were heading for the subway stop when my 12-year-old noticed Bonobo’s and begged to go in.

Though I am not vegan nor a raw foodist, Bonobo’s is a great find for those of us who want organic food in a hurry, and don’t eat refined cane sugar. The chef’s are friendly, informative and offer samples from the display case at the front of the restaurant. You can’t call it a ‘cooking’ area because everything at Bonobo’s is raw! We tried their “signature” Red Pepper-Coconut Soup, and it is absolutely delicious! Then we tried some pate’s (vegan) and dehydrated seed crackers. My 12-year-old went for the Organic Italian Herb Pate and I really liked the Organic Almond-Sesame Hummus. Crackers are great so get enough to take home extras. We both loved the warm coconut chai and will be back for more often. If you eat all organic, just check to make sure everything you are ordering is organic. They have a few things that are not, but are happy to let you know what isn’t organic so you can avoid it. –Heather Flournoy

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by Heather Flournoy
Heather Flournoy reviews restaurants that serve organic or mostly organic foods. She works in editorial and marketing for Vital Health Publishing and Enhancement Books and is a strong supporter of the organic food and slow food movements. When not officially working she can often be found digging in her organic garden, collecting wild foods with her daughter or working with horses.