Soul Memory – A Channeled Essay by Asandra, Part 1


A channeled essay by Asandra © 2004

***image1***It is a common belief that the soul is the life force within. However, it has not been widely accepted that the life force has its own unique “memory” that stores all the data of our created existence. We have an innate need to advance our civilization, often searching only within “retrievable” memory for guidance.

The retrievable, linear, memory is historical fact combined with sociological and psychological factors. There is a nonlinear, higher “memory,” however, that can be accessed to move one toward a more conscious pathway. This is what is known as Soul Memory.

All human life, as we know it, exists within the realm of, and is subject to, the laws of time and space. These laws maintain a necessary equilibrium to function within the three dimensions of matter. At the same time, humanity also shares a compulsion to move toward knowledge, gained either empirically or through education. Even an unmotivated person moves in a forward directed fashion in the form of his own sustenance: food, water, sleep, basic communication. If the power that moves life force did not have a direction, we would be left entirely to our own devices to consider a purpose to our existence.

***image3***There is a point from which we originated that acts as directional energy, pulling life forms ever nearer to a singular destination. This directional energy is so powerful that it can bring the individual to an ultimate place known as realization. There is no human entity on this planet that is exempt from the potential to know a higher reality. When the individual spirit is compelled to look for meaning outside the accepted norms, she has then, automatically opened herself up to possibilities that lie beyond the tangible.

This is a point of beginning, and allows a subtle, vital force to become active in one’s consciousness. There are many degrees of awareness that occur at this point, depending on the individual’s readiness to accept the unknown into their life. Once a person has made an inner agreement to do so, he can ascertain what level he desires to explore. There are some who stop at the door of intellectual observation. But those who allow themselves to step into the realm of the “unknown”, have created an avenue which allows spiritual enlightenment to begin. The basic requirement of this place of spiritual departure is a willingness to let go of anything that holds one back from a deepening of this experience.

During a human lifetime, the Soul Memory may be activated so that it can be read like an etheric computer memory chip. The stored memory is often coded, however, much like one’s dreams. To “read” the Soul Memory, is a matter of learning to allow the stored data to rise to the surface of one’s consciousness, and begin to accept this renewed knowledge, as a part of whom and what one is, as a living entity.

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by Asandra
ASANDRA considers herself to be a multidimensional being. This is expressed through her work as an Artist, Writer, and Trance-channel.