Sound Healing with Mingtong Gu – Lesson Four: Sound Energetics

Sound Healing with Mingtong Gu – Lesson Four: Sound Energetics Listening to this portion of the online course, “Sound Healing,” all of us at Merlian News felt like this was one of the most important lessons in the course. It includes the basic instructions for chanting “Haola” and “Kai Hui” as well as how to work with the sounds in the most effective ways. As highlighted in the course material, the deep energetic benefits made possible by sound healing include emotional healing, and a deeper energetic connection with the organs, the energy gates and energy centers.

If you’re familiar with Qi Gong then you know that these exercises are the classics, the building blocks for everything else. If you are new to Qi Gong, then this is a wonderful place to start, with complete, concise direction. As Master Gu says, “At the most basic human level, we have a body, we have speech, and we have the mind. And the spirit encompasses all. Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) Sound Healing focuses on these three expressions of life: the physical body movements and postures, sound, and our mental capacity. When we cultivate these beyond just normal habits and expressions we come to a place of deep understanding that all these three expressions are expressions of pure energy. This energy is the foundation of life.”

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