Japanese Pumpkin Side Dish by Nancy Mehagian

Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) is not your Halloween variety, all watery and stringy. It has a dense texture, almost like a potato, and a rich flavor. Even my dog loves it. It makes a colorful, nutritious side dish.

  • 1 kabocha pumpkin, scrubbed, seeded and cut in wedges (You may peel the pumpkin, but I quite like the skin)
  • ¬†butter
  • ¬†salt/pepper

Using a steamer basket, steam pumpkin until you can easily insert a knife. Drench with melted butter, (Julia Child, no stranger to the substance, lived to be 91). Season with salt, pepper and serve alongside Kickass Turkey Meatloaf and Screamin’ Greens for a delightful meal.


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Screamin’ Greens by Nancy Mehangian

| by Nancy Mehangian

A perfect accompaniment to any dish, I call my greens “nutritional dynamite.” For this dish, I prefer black kale, red Russian kale or collard greens. Feel free to mix and match. 2 bunches greens, washed well, chopped and steamed until tender. (If you don’t already own a stainless steel steamer basket, please buy this essential kitchen item.)

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Old Dog by Nancy Mehagian

| by Cheryl Shainmark

If you’re looking for a gift book for the children in your life, I highly recommend Old Dog by Nancy Mehagian, illustrated by Yoko Matsuoko. There are a million books about puppies out there, but this is the first I can think of that introduces children to the idea of a “senior” dog. Written with real warmth, the author has captured the joy and rewards of loving and caring for a beloved older pet.

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