Seed: a Story About Growing by Nancy Rosanoff

The story of Seed: a Story About Growing, was inspired by a life-long amazement of trees that grow on rocks with barely any soil. These trees not only defy the science of horticulture, they express unique beauty, resilience and creativity. Seed is also the story of an evolution that has occurred within my own life – from accepting the views of others regarding outward appearances of my life circumstances as wrong, or worthy of pity, to being able to trust and grow with the living soul that was unfolding within.

Here are some discussion questions to begin a dialogue within yourself or with others after reading Seed: a story about growing.

  • pg. 1 & 21 & 49: How do you understand what is called in this story the inner voice that says to Seed: do not worry, when the time comes you will know what to do? What is the difference in the three times this thought is stated in the story on pages 1, 21 and 49?
  • pg. 15 & 35: What happened that turned Seed’s happiness into despair? What made it possible for Seed to learn from the birds as described on page 35?
  • What is the role Boulder plays in the life of Seed? What might be the story of Boulder, not seen in this story?


Nancy Rosanoff makes a living as a spiritual counselor dialoguing with clients in their search for relief from suffering, and to find healing and a joyful life. The study of metapsychiatry is her guide on the journey and is shared with clients and students who also find it useful. Contact Nancy at For more information, go to

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