Sahar Interviews Merryn Jose on the Use of Castor Oil Packs

Listen to: Podcast Interview with Merryn Jose on the Use of Castor Oil Packs for enhancing Health

In this podcast Sahar Huneidi interviews Merryn Jose, who describes the use of Edgar Cayce’s castor oil packs, how they work and what they can be used for, including speeding up the body’s recovery process. Merryn is also the editor and publisher of, a holistic resources gateway.

The Miracle of Castor Oil Packs by Merryn Jose

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack (video)


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Body & Soul: How to Deepen Your (Spiritual) Connection by Sahar Huneidi

| by Sahar Huneidi

Spiritual awareness is really about integrating the two duality forces which exist in many forms and on various levels: the Yin & Yang, the passive &active, the essence & form, spirit & matter – more to the point, body & soul. Once you are aware of the inherent polarity you can begin to understand that as we develop one aspect, spiritual awareness (the soul) or the mind, we must also develop the other complimentary force, the body in order to maintain harmony and balance in our lives; and to strengthen the connection between body and soul.

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