The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Professor Song Xuan Ke

The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine is intended as an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for students, practitioners, or lay people with a general interest in Chinese medicine. It provides a clear and compact delivery of TCM’s reasoning, philosophy, theory, and treatment principles. The text is accompanied by clear and bold graphical illustrations to allow for an easier understanding.

The author, Professor Song Xuan Ke, founder and principal of Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine, has practiced and taught Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 40 years. He started to learn his skills very early, when he was a 13 year old boy and was apprenticed to three herbal masters in his home province of Hubei, China. He was medically qualified in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine at Canton University of TCM in 1982. His clinical success as a leading consultant of TCM in the UK since 1986 has been featured in the Observer, Daily Mail, FT, and on BBC, CNN, Channel 4 and many other media outlets. He is twice listed in London Evening Standards’ Top 50 Health Practitioners, and London’s 100 Best Alternative Experts, respectively.

He is well known for the treatment of skin disorders, infertility, allergies, kidney conditions, and many others. In addition to his work at the Asante Academy and clinics, he also travels internationally to treat patients.

This book will appeal to any reader with an interest in Alternative and Chinese medicine, as well as students of Chinese Medicine courses including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Tuina Massage.

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