The Essence of Life = Abundance by Asandra

AsandraIt is important to be at peace, because within this peace there is acceptance of what is. Oftentimes, however, life seems to be anything but peaceful. If there are many things that you are challenged by in life, these confront you on a multitude of levels. These challenges are not arbitrary —never: whatever you are experiencing, whether it is pleasant, not pleasant, or anything in between.

This is because life is not just about the happy, enjoyable parts. It is also about what you need to heal. So, you may sometimes feel powerless in your life. The only power there is, therefore, is the one that is your birthright to know. That power cannot be taken from you. It cannot diminish in its’ quality or quantity. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to recognize the power that is your essence.

This is your ticket to freedom, which will bring you every form of abundance you desire. Because being on your path, you require this abundance, and so it will be there for you. But, the breakthrough doesn’t come from outside, even though you cry, beg, plead for it. It still doesn’t come from outside. It only comes from the knowledge base within yourself. It must come only from the soul level.

Because the soul level is the only way it can come. You cannot be saved in some external form. It does not happen that way. You can be temporarily saved, and probably have been many times over. Since it is temporary, though, it does not bring you the sense of peace that you are safe, that you are at home, that you abundant. It just helps you through the next moment. That is the external form. The internal form is the one that gives you the sense of peace where you finally get it. When you finally get it, the challenge will go away. The challenges will cease to exist for you, because there is no need for them. That is the order of business: what lies beneath circumstances that you are experiencing in your life. What lies beneath is the truth, and is the essential truth inherent within everything. This is the essence of life, of existence.

Therefore, it is important to arrive at that point where you are experiencing this essence. Your essence remains constant. It is never lacking, nor does it have a certain amount of abundance — it is eternal, infinite, and ever-present. The essence of life that will sustain you, heal you, and provide the way. You are innately seeking to be in alignment with that essence in your life.

What if you sat in the seat of your own power? And by sitting within the seat of your own power (which is deep within yourself, connected to Source), from that place, you made a decision that the only thing that is real and true for you is higher love, support and abundance. Then there would be a direct alignment between you and that Source.

It is not about trying to get there anymore. It is about BEING THERE.

If you took all your concentration, energy, and beliefs, and focused on your essence, it would get you there. Because what you are doing, is taking all of your focus, all your energy, every little stray thought, or emotion that is upset, and bringing them in as one powerful focus. Into the I AM Presence.

Contact Your Spirit Guides by AsandraThis is mastery. If you are going to master something, it is not necessarily going to be easy. It would not really be mastery, because everyone could do it. Mastery requires a Master. Someone might master a particular thing, but spiritual mastery — that is not commonplace. Spiritual mastery is the hardest work because you’re really dealing with your thoughts and your beliefs. It is not about what a great meditator you are, which is what many people think: that eating certain foods, prayer, and meditation is mastery. That is not mastery. It is really about your thoughts and beliefs. Because that is the hardest thing to do. You could have the practices down, but the real mastery is when you address your thoughts and beliefs.

When you have awareness that the most important thing is the soul connection, then the comfort, the ease, shows up as an afterthought. It is always going to be a reflection in your material life. Anything that shows up in the material is always only a reflection. What is it a reflection of? The real thing that brings you the abundance, happiness, healing, truth, and is the authentic connection. The reflection in your everyday life then becomes a reality.

Say to yourself these words as a reminder:

“I stand true in my light. I am resilient. I am powerful. I am that which I am, and nothing lesser than that can touch me.”

Now go forward, being that beautiful energy, holding it powerfully in your life.

Channeled by Asandra © 2011

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by Asandra
Asandra is an Artist, Writer, and Channel. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York City, and was an Art Director at Art & Auction magazine. For the past 27 years, Asandra has worked professionally as a full-trance Channel, and has an international clientele. She channels Master Spirit Teachers exclusively with a focus on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their souls' highest journey.Asandra's paintings reflect her spirituality through vibrant color and symbolic imagery. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Washington, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, and California. Asandra is the Spiritual Guidance Examiner for National. Her newest book, "Contact Your Spirit Guides", was released from Schiffer Publishing Spring 2011.You can learn more about the book by visiting online at