The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead by Marshall Vian Summers

“Men and women will need this deeper authority to determine their actions, toassist one another and ultimately to forge a new way for the human race.”

San Francisco, CA — In a world of environmental destruction overpopulationand declining resources, will the privileged levels of societies choose tomaintain the status quo? And if they do, will international chaos and conflict be theirrewards?

In his new book, The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead,award‐winning author and spiritual teacher, Marshall Vian Summers, lays out thedangers of a divided humanity. Summers is alerting his readers to the need for innerpreparation, global unity and cooperation in the face of the great changes to come.

The book describes a set of converging forces that is already severely impacting ourworld and how this will alter the landscape and every aspect of our lives.

“Humanity has crossed a critical threshold where we will have to adaptto a new set of circumstances. This will require a united effort betweennations and peoples to bring new levels of skill, technology andcooperation to meet the requirements of living in a world in decline.”

A popular speaker and media guest on many shows (Coast to Coast w/George Noory,Jeff Rense and Conscious Media Network), Summers has an international audience andis the author of several best selling books, including: Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing,Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation, The Allies of Humanity: Books One and Two

Great Waves of Change explains the steps one must take to navigate the growing uncertainty and turbulence by deeply evaluating one’s own life and by connecting to a deeper authority within. This generates the courage and the ability to adapt and to become a contributor, not a victim, to a rapidly changing world.

Title: Great Waves of Change

Author: Marshall Vian Summers

Publisher: New Knowledge Library

Format: Trade paper, 9 x 6

List Price: $14.95

Distributors: Associated Publishers Group ,

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FOR THE PAST TWENTY FIVE years, Marshall Vian Summers has been in the process of providing a preparation to sustain individuals and societies through the difficult and uncertain times ahead. Marshall’s writings,including The Great Waves of Change, are being read and studied by growing numbers of people around the world, with existing translations in eight languages.