The Hidden Power of the Heart: Achieving Balance and Fulfillment in a Stressful World by Sara Paddison

The Hidden Power of the Heart: Achieving Balance and Fulfillment in a Stressful World is about empowerment and lasting change. Written by Sara Paddison in 1993, it offers insights and explanations about how to live from your heart and activate your higher intelligence to find direction in all areas of life.

This book will help you discover your heart power — that force within that illuminates understanding. Paddison explains that the hidden power of the heart is love — the core frequency, or energy, of creation. Using a scientific framework for understanding, she explains the heart as a computer connected to a universal mainframe and love as the power flowing through this global network. Love is the core frequency that runs the mainframe computer of life.

Blending personal experiences, work with others, and research in this field, Paddison covers a range of mind stretching topics including dimensional shifts, DNA blueprints, and holographic awareness. She explains how real love — including love, appreciation, forgiveness, and care – can change your life, as well as others. She states, “Heart power is simply the electricity of your inner strength and potential. It’s what gives you the self-motivated ability to manifest and complete your goals — to empower yourself and achieve balance and fulfillment even in today’s increasingly stressful world. Uncovering this hidden power is a personal process of understanding how it works and understanding yourself.”

Paddison offers simple, practical tools for changing perspective and creating awareness, resulting in a profound system for living a more balanced, fulfilled, and loving life. For instance, the Heart Lock-In technique shows you how to relax your thoughts, shift attention from your head, and focus your energies in the heart area. This facilitates feelings of love and appreciation. Another technique, Freeze Frame, describes how to pause for a moment, go to your heart, seek direction, and make adjustments for any situation.

I must admit that it was often difficult sorting through the technical analogies and explanations. But just as she promised, when I focused on the book from my heart, I was able to grasp these scientific concepts much more easily. It was worth the effort because the message here is powerful.

Revised in 1998 and re-titled The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence, it is available as an e-book on the website for the Institute of HeartMath. Printed copies of previous editions can be found on Amazon.

Uncovering the hidden power of your heart can empower you to live to your fullest potential.

Donna Baker Church is a freelance writer and editor. Donna may be reached at .

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by Donna Baker Church
Sara Paddison, President and CEO As the daughter of a Marine Corps general, Ms. Paddison learned the value of self-management, organization, and service at an early age. She earned a degree in psychology at East Carolina University. Her interest in the field of human development led to several long-term research projects with Doc Childre, a leading authority on optimizing human performance and founder of HeartMath®. Since 1991, Ms. Paddison has helped oversee and develop HeartMath seminars, educational products, and scientific programs. She was appointed Vice President and CFO of the Institute in 1992 and in 1998 became President and CEO.