The Sweet Smell of Success Health and Wealth Secrets by James Tad Geiger MD

The Sweet Smell of Success Health and Wealth Secrets by James Tad Geiger MDBooks on wellness and aromatherapy have been written from many points of view. The Sweet Smell of Success takes a very unique approach to both of these topics. As an acute care anesthesiologist, I believe clinical aromatherapy should be integrated with conventional allopathic Western called medicine in the Wellness Revolution of the twenty-first century. Aromatherapy with essential oils is one entity of the vast array of holistic specialties comprising nutritional medicine and complementary alternative medicine. Consider food and essential oils as nutritional medicine.

These natural wonders have great potential to enhance and humanize health care when combined with the practice of conventional medicine. Although aromatherapy is not appreciated by many physicians and is often misrepresented to the public, there are tremendous advantages to be gained from its diverse applications. Scientific studies have shown aromatherapy to the sweet smell of success the sweet smell of success be effective for a wide variety of common ailments and medical conditions. This information will be presented in The Sweet Smell of Success, along with exciting new discoveries, products, techniques, and keys that serve to promote wellness through nature. This “wellness textbook” is an educational and inspirational tool for everyone. I will reveal an abundance of “secret” information pertaining to your health and wealth that will revolutionize your life.

How to Use this Book

This book is about wellness and well-being and is meant to serve different groups of people in specialized ways. There is a widening health care information gap between health consumers and care providers. The material presented here bridges the gap between laypeople as health care consumers and medically oriented health care providers, with detailed natural healing information based on medical and scientific knowledge.

First, it is my impression from working with my patients and their families that many people have an interest in using “natural” ways of healing but have doctors who are uninformed, disinterested, or not accepting of alternative medicine. This text contains current and compelling scientific explanations and references. Patients can give this “textbook” to their doctor to provide another medical doctor’s viewpoint, a “second opinion,” as well as to offer alternatives for nutrition and traditional medical treatment. Second, it is as an educational and motivational tool for various groups of professionals and nonprofessionals in health care and business. Third, since several of the chapters are somewhat technical from a medical and biochemical standpoint, I suggest a layperson use Wikipedia for explanation and clarification of scientific terms and topics, should they care to be a student of this material.

Natural, nutritional foods, essential oils, and berry fruit juices are key dietary elements that play a significant role in the quest for true physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The “healthy energy” found in these superior functional foods is astounding. Incorporating these powerful building block foods into your life will help meet your basic nutritional needs more than abundantly, and when these foods are coordinated with a balanced lifestyle of mentally and physically stimulating exercises, you will attract all the good health that you deserve. This process represents a tremendous shift in thought and action for some people. However, creating better health by supplementation with natural and nutritional functional food products is a worthy goal. As your life improves, you can help others by increasing their awareness of the health secrets found in the functional food products of the Wellness Revolution.

Awareness and concern for the health of the people of our country and all the nations of the world are increasingly shared by growing numbers of medical and health care workers, professionals, celebrities, and even politicians. The maldistribution of food worldwide perpetuates starvation and obesity epidemics, affecting more adults and children with each passing day. Overweight children today are much more likely to become morbidly obese adults. It is possible that in the future, some obese children will die before their own parents. A generation of premature deaths, whether from obesity or starvation, is a sad and unacceptable result. The obesity and starvation dilemmas of our time will grow to crisis proportions sooner rather than later unless there is intervention. Awareness of these problems is the critical first step to circumvent the predictable progression of illness, disability, and death due to these malnourished states.

Another major concern for our society is aging. Aging increases the need for essential nutritional elements that function as antioxidants, which the body uses as critical building blocks for the formation of free radical scavengers and the energy required for effective metabolism. Over time, our bodies can become progressively deficient in vital ingredients due to poor eating habits unless supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Although many foods are plentiful and cheap, that does not make them healthy. The art and science of wellness and well-being is substantial and interesting to learn and adopt as a lifestyle.


James Tad Geiger MD

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by James Tad Geiger MD
James Tad Geiger MD works as a medical doctor, board certified anesthesiologist, author, and clinically certified aromatherapist and massage therapist. There are many medical and natural solutions to health issues! The oilMD(R) promotes wellness through nature on the web and in the hospital. That is why he has introduced his product GingerMD(R) and the clinical use of essential oil therapy into hospitals, surgery centers, as well as operating and recovery rooms. The essential oil of ginger prevents and treats post-operation nausea (PONV) and increases patient satisfaction. GingerMD(R) works for all forms of nausea. The oilMD offers outstanding therapeutic-grade aromatherapy essential oils that you can trust to be safe and effective. The oilMD(R) essential oil blends are scientifically designed for women's and athlete's health to enhance whole body wellness. The website, his book, the Sweet Smell of Success: Health and Wealth Secrets and the oilMD Wellness Network of online videos are presented as an educational service for the Wellness Revolution.