The Wave by Jude Currivan, PhD.

Rarely does a book as fine as The Wave come along — this is a true treasure trove of ancient and current learning, covering a wide variety of interests. Ranging from the Rig Veda to fractal geometry and from the Cabala to chaos theory, author Jude Currivan has synthesized a wealth of material and made it accessible, interesting, educational and inspiring. For those of us harboring a real desire to reconcile ancient wisdom with modern science, this one comprehensive offering can easily replace a host of other less inclusive books.

The author’s own diverse background and training in cosmology, quantum physics and metaphysics, has enabled her to make some insightful and compelling connections between what she terms “the perennial wisdom” of traditional teachings and the most cutting-edge of science and research findings. These include huge topics such as the structure of the universe, our role in it, the mind/body connection and the nature of consciousness. The connection throughout all of this is The Wave — the idea that everything, including consciousness, is an energy of some kind that is expressed in a wave form.

This idea, that consciousness is a form of energy, has huge implications, as Currivan illustrates very creatively — and if she is correct, this idea may hold both the key to reconciling spirituality with science, as well as offer us guidance to “co-creating” the world that we desire. By way of background, Currivan does a good job of explaining where and how the old scientific models are breaking down or limiting our understanding of the world and potential evolution. More importantly, she explains how these old models and theories fail to account for a variety of “non-local” phenomena that are currently disparaged or ignored. The new research and emerging ideas that she explores — indeed, a new cosmology — may offer some solutions.

There is something for everybody in this fascinating book: topics as diverse as holographic principles, ancient numerology, energy healing old and new, Egyptian, Chinese and Asian traditions, games theory, remote viewing and near death experiences all come under examination along with plausible explanations and methods for connecting each with a new scientific model of the universe. Indeed, one of the author’s great talents is in presenting this new research, (such as the holographic principle, the construct of time or multiple dimensions, string theory or the idea that the observer affects the observed), in an easily understood and compelling manner.

The Wave really deserves a huge audience and Jude Currivan deserves a big round of applause for doing the heavy lifting — for all the rest of us — of researching and synthesizing such a tremendous range of topics and vast body of knowledge. The reader will find that both the intellect and the heart are gratified with this book, and that on a deeper level, much of it feels right — and that may be the best kind of knowledge. >

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a sensitive, scientist, healer and cosmic geomancer, who has directly experienced multidimensional realities and guidance from an early age. She has researched ancient wisdom, consciousness and metaphysics for over forty-five years, holds a PhD in Cognitive Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Physics. During an international business career, Jude gained a global perspective and combined her intuitive gifts with a practical and grounded approach to individual and collective change. Jude has also worked with and learned from the elders and shamans of many wisdom traditions and has just completed her first book entitled, Many Voices, One Heart.