The Yoga House in Piermont, NY

“Yoga can transform your body, it’s true. It can make us more flexible, healthy, and toned. The problem is that even when our bodies are stronger and leaner we still feel incomplete.

We still want to be thinner, taller, have more money, a bigger house etc. The ancient Yogic texts and Master Yogis suggest that when practiced as intended, Yoga can change all that.

They propose that when Yoga is practiced on the inside AND the outside, it can end all unpleasant mental and physical experiences, forever. Imagine, being truly happy all the time… That’s what we teach at The Yoga House.

We emphasize that asana, the physical Yoga practice, is only one of the 8 limbs of Yoga as outlined by Master Patanjali in the great Yoga Sutras. These physical poses only actually “work” if the first two limbs, the Yamas and Niyamas (ethical practices), are followed. This means that we must live our practice if we want to experience its full benefits.

We must take our Yoga off the mat and into the world. It’s something we must infuse into every activity 24 hours a day. So, all our classes go beyond the physical. They provide students with time-tested wisdom that’s rooted in authentic lineages that have been around for thousands of years, lineages that have been shown to bring people to higher states of consciousness, evolution and joy.

Classes teach how to live a genuine and joyful Yoga life in an approachable, effective way while providing a physical challenge.” ” All classes place an emphasis on combining a mental practice with the physical and incorporate the following:

hath· a yo· ga Physical exercises and breath control Vinyasa synchronization of breath and movement rāja Yoga

Cultivation of the mind using meditation to delve deeper into the nature of reality and achieve true freedom and joy.”

The Yoga House is happy to house:

HANDLE Care – Empower to Free

A holistic, compassionate approach to treating neurological issues including Autism and Learning Disabilities.

Frank Vogt

Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Dr. Deb Castaldo, PhD

Family and Couples Therapy

Shevaun Kirschbaum, P.T., D.P.T

Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Manual Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher

Kristina C. Barlow, N.D., C.S.T.

Naturopathic Medicine

The Yoga House 466 Piermont Ave Piermont NY 10968 (845) 680.6776

Parking Info

Easy, ample parking is available in lot D. Turn off of Piermont Ave by The Harbor House onto Gair St. Lot D will be on the right.

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The Yoga House is collecting food donations for People to People, an organization that provides groceries, gently used clothing, housewares, school supplies and more to Rockland County residents who are facing difficult times. You can help by bringing to The Yoga House and dropping them in the basket in the foyer. Every little bit makes a difference! Please visit and click on the Community tab.