Time is an Illusion by Asandra

***image1***A channeled essay by Asandra

When an individual recognizes his soul path, inner guidance becomes increasingly apparent. What is essential, however, is a realization that the spiritual path is not something to attend to when you have time, like a hobby. The spiritual path IS your life.

Only when there is the recognition that your ENTIRE life is the path, can you begin to realign your focus so that’s there is a true following of the highest, guided, soul path. In other words, a partial commitment will not suffice. Therefore, the first thing you must do, is commit yourself fully and completely to the higher soul path. That in itself creates a quantum leap that moves you forward. Access to higher knowledge that brings support on the path then becomes perceivable.

It is also necessary for there to be a relinquishment of any and all false ideas and concepts that limit the individual from experiencing expansion of the soul. There are a great multitude of beliefs that are unquestioned. These blindly accepted concepts are as familiar as clock time. In fact, clock and calendar time are so widely embraced that they aren’t even considered to be illusions.

Although the universal acceptance of increments of time is helpful, to be ruled by this is to be under the sway of one of the greatest deceptions in modern times. This alone can prevent the individual from experiencing union with the All-That-Is.

***image2***There are so many that unknowingly, (even though they seek a higher, spiritual path), still hold steadfast to old paradigm thinking. The example about concepts of time is one form of old paradigm thinking. For example, many souls seeking a higher path still feel limited by time. This is because they are living within the boundaries of these unquestioned falsehoods.

They still believe that time is a real thing that has the power to limit them. If you freed yourself up from those perimeters you would realize that there is nowhere to go because you have already arrived. It is a stripping away of old concepts that actually reveals this truth. Awakening occurs because the individual breaks through the barriers of such constraints. Time is one of the biggest and most unquestioned illusions.

Higher soul consciousness is readily activated when those things that seemingly prevent this greater reality from being present are dispelled or diminished. Although it can be seen as a rising up into higher consciousness, it is also a peeling away of layers of unquestioned illusions, concepts, and old paradigm thinking. If you spend enough moments in a timeless present, you would have a direct experience of your true essence. When one moves into timelessness, consciousness awakens. It is possible for everyday reality to be of this highest awareness.

The new paradigm is one wherein a soul reaches continuously and conscientiously for a greater truth in all aspects of their life. That individual seeks to live as best as they are able at any given time within awakened consciousness. This automatically creates a breakthrough to a higher reality. It is easier than you think to awaken the soul. The more that you rid yourself of false concepts, the more it is that you will be truly free.

Part three of an ongoing series about the souls’ journey.

Asandra © 2004

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