What The Bleep Do We Know?! by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, & Mark Vicente

Does prayer promote healing? Are you able to affect physical reality with your mind? Can you perceive things outside of space/time? Can a being walk on water? To be no less than honest, if you are certain you know these answers and are unwilling to accept the possibility that you’re wrong, don’t even bother reading What the Bleep do we know?!

What the Bleep DoWe Know?! is a must read for anyone that has a question. If you don’t have a question, one will be immediately provided for you. The truly awesome part is that you will quickly realize that your questions are best answered with your own better questions.

In this book you will learn about what makes a question great. Should you decide to ask some great questions you very well might find an answer. Whether or not you believe your answer could very well be a part of the point being made in the reading.

“Practically every day, new scientific information is appearing that can not be explained using the classical Newtonian model. Relativity theory, quantum mechanics, the influence of thoughts and emotions on our bodies, so-called “anomalies” like ESP, mental healing, remote viewing, people serving as mediums and channels, near-death and out-of-body experiences – all these point to the need for a different model, a new paradigm that would include all these phenomena in a more comprehensive theory of how the world works.

It’s not just that the old model is insufficient to answer the questions the new research poses. An even more serious problem is that the old model has not done nearly enough to free human life of suffering, poverty, injustice and war. In fact, a good case could be made that many of these problems have grown worse because of the mechanical model that has long dominated our way of experiencing the world.” (William Arntz, Betsy Chasse,Mark Vicente, & Jack Forem)

This book was written from so far outside the box, you would need a telescope to actually find it… that is if the box didn’t come back to smack you in the face every half hour or so. That’s right. The most common obstacle in understanding and valuing this book, in my opinion, is keeping yourself from falling back into the world of a comforting yet possibly false reality.

If you grew up with the ability to ride the backs of dragons and fight off invading fleets of ninjas, why or when would you have lost that ability? Was it because someone told you it was impossible? Did you believe them?

From the basics of the scientific method to evidence of Dr. Dean Radin’slatest book Entangled Minds, What the bleep do we know?! will surprise you somewhere.Dr. Masaru Emoto’sresearch onwatershows itwill react to your conscious feelings and the random chaos of the world will find coherent organization in the midst of global crisis.

Dr. William Tiller, who also appeared in the movie, says:

“We are running theHolodeck, it has such flexibilitythat anything you can imagine, it will create for you. And you learn your intention causes this thing to materialize once you’re conscious enough, and you learn how to use your intentionality.”

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fresh perspective of their life. Ask some questions, read the book, revise your questions and find yourself. It really is that simple. However, as stated before, if you are already sure of your ways, don’t bother.

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( Dr. Dean Radin has appeared in the film, What The Bleep Do We Know?!- Down The Rabbit Hole Extended Director’s Cut)

What The Bleep!?- Down The Rabbit Hole

by Eugene Kelly
William Arntz, a research physicist and spiritual seeker, created one of the worlds most widely used pieces of software. He retired and became interested in uniting his four great passions: leading edge science, spiritual inquiry, filmmaking and computers. Betsy Chasse freelanced as a Production Manager on over thirty films and produced eight movies before deciding that she wanted to move away from Los Angeles and do something more meaningful with her life. Mark Vicente is a cinematographer turned director with a special interest in mysterious, reflective and unusual subject matter.