Wisdom Of The Peaceful Warrior Deck: Inspiration Cards by Dan Millman

Over the years since Dan Millman wrote his fantastically successful first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, thousands of readers have written to him asking for clarifications about the often cryptic spiritual truths found in it’s pages. In response, he wrote the 2007 follow-up, Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior, which articulates more clearly the philosophies and wisdom conveyed in the earlier book.

Now, he refines that wisdom even further, with a fifty-two card deck showcasing the essence of his spiritual philosphy in bite sized morsels. Written in Dan’s clear, playful style the aphorisms embody spiritual philosophies old and new and offer prescriptive, practical lessons that readers can apply directly to their lives. Readers may wish to meditate on one card a day, or one a week, or one for an entire year, using the pop-up frame to display an individual card on a desk, altar, or other special spot in their home.

Samples include:

Sometimes dead ends reveal hidden doorways, leading us to bigger questions and a search for higher truths Your body lives in this present moment. So whenever your attention begins to wander to past regrets or future anxieties, come back to the body and remember: Here and now. Breathe and relax. Once you make a decision, follow it with all your spirit. When you sit, sit. When you stand, stand. Whatever you do, don’t wobble.

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by Monique Muhlenkamp
Dan Millman is a former world trampoline champion, hall of fame gymnast, university coach, college professor, and bestselling author whose nine books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Laws of Spirit, and The Life You Were Born to Live, have inspired millions of people in more than twenty languages. His books and seminars have influenced people from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, business, education, entertainment, and sports. Way of the Peaceful Warrior is now a major motion picture from Lionsgate, Peaceful Warrior, available on DVD. www.danmillman.com