The change of millennium from 1000 to 2000 marked the change in consciousness from the aggressive, male oriented, corporate ego stance of “I have to be number one” to the more receptive, feminine, sharing and service oriented number two.

The mission of Totally Wholistic is to replace the long, cosmic rise of a corporate America which has tried to rule like an unwieldy beast. Now we are all watching this top heavy construct flail and then self-destruct, falling in on itself for lack of consciousness, substance, compassion, and the ability to co-exist.

Photograph by Dena Ventrudo

The goal of is to create a grassroots community of like minded practitioners and professionals who are in support of each other, fulfilling the needs of the community, providing goods and services that support the whole, and placing value in substance, consciousness, and healing rather than in being number one.

Money as we know it will be transformed. The exchange will be value for value, and the needs of our fellow human beings will be paramount as we share our skills, creative services, and necessary goods. The intrinsic value of what we each are capable of giving will be the cornerstone of this new construct. The dollar will have new meaning.

The strength of our economy rests fundamentally on our basic need to be happy, healthy, whole and safe. Are we happy? I think that warm and fuzzy memories are harder and harder to find. Are we healthy? We have pillaged our environment, depleted our resources and in general are under tremendous amounts of stress. Are we whole? More and more we take refuge in the opiate of the masses: TV. Are we safe? As a result of the previous militant millennium we have created a very scary world. It is our duty in this new millennium to bring light to where there is darkness and love to where there is misunderstanding and animosity.

Totally Wholistic inspires us each to find value in our own truth, share it with confidence and know that we are contributing to a healthy society. brings together professionals who have previously found themselves competing in a corporate world in which they have lost their identity, their self respect, and finally the clothes on their backs. Humbled, we must now turn to each other, see what we have been missing, and join together in building a stronger, healthier and safer world.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoVisit and find out about joining our community of healers, therapists, creative artists, and other industry professionals who are seeking to find a more holistic way of living and working. Find out how we support each other and how we can support you. We are totally dedicated to moving humanity into the new millennium. Come join us.

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Being Balanced, Living As Whole by Dr. Amy R. Beller

by Dr. Amy Beller
Amy R. Beller, PhD, D.A.H., is the founder of Totally Wholistic. She has been in practice in alternative and complementary therapies for over a decade. Dr. Beller uses her intuitive sense in creating appropriate healing processes for each individual. You can write to Dr. Beller at